b"70 SJC FACILITIESPHOTO: CHILDRENS DISCOVERY MUSEUM OF SAN JOSEWithout staff on site at the airport to facilitate, it was important for the activities and exhibits to be intuitive, Jennings notes. Prior to construction, the area now occupied by Zoom Zone included two separate rooms; so designers reconfigured them into one larger space with a small electrical room. To minimize the impact on travelers, Hensel Phelps built a temporary mall wall outside the space to separate the public from construction, tools/equipment and exhibit components. Materials were typically delivered overnight to avoid disrupting passenger traffic. To resonate with local families, Zoom Zone has the same look and feel as Childrens Discovery Museum of San Jose, which is located downtown. Fentress Architects created a vibrant purple faade that mirrors the shape of the Museum staff designed exhibits that engage Airport Improvement Ad (Feb '22).ai 2 1/3/2022 11:51:42 AM museums logo and angular facility design.Airport Improvement Ad (Feb '22).ai 2 1/3/2022 11:51:42 AMchildren physically, mentally and culturally.Interior elements establish the airport connection. Flooring in whimsical colors includes the outline of a runway, and the ceiling color and finishes evoke clouds and the sky. The overall theme for the space and activities is things that fly. Exhibit designers focused on kid-friendly butterflies, birds and www.meadhunt.com airplanes to encourage children to explore the idea of flying before they get onto an airplane. We try to help them realize that all of those different things fly at different altitudes and have different physical components that enable them to fly, Jennings explains. With the project complete, she says the team accomplished a lot in just 600 square feet. Instead of using canned airport play equipment, museum personnel adapted popular exhibits from their downtown facility Experience. Exceptional. to explore the theme of flight. Key Zoom Zone exhibits include:Pin Screen: A signature museum feature that allows children to create three-dimensional works of art by pushing on plastic pins. Faceprints are a perennial favorite but are discouraged during the pandemic. We believeAlphabet Airplane: Children lift the window shades of a mock airplane fuselage our companyandto discover images that depict 26 destinations they can fly to from SJC. Each our worldis madeimage corresponds with the letter printed better when weon its shade. For example, T is for Tokyo. Kinetic Butterfly: Youngsters get a hands-put people rst. on lesson about flight by using a set of gears to activate sculptural butterfly Mead & Hunt is entirely employee-owned,wings. with one of the lowest turnover rates in theBird Climber: Children gain a 360-degree industry. Some of our closest clientperspective of flight by climbing on top of a bright blue bird, crawling underneath its relationships extend back to the 1950s! wings and sliding down its tail feathers. Zoom Plane: Kids can role-play in the cockpit of a sturdy walk-in biplane. March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com"