b'20 LAX PARKING the new Economy Parking structure through a contract with ABMFacility. A Metro bus depot located in the Aviation. It also runs seven public parking structures in the Centralformer economy lot was relocated just west Terminal Area, Van Nuys FlyAway Parking, three remote employeeof the new facility as well. Adams reports parking lots and ancillary lots in the surrounding area. Thethat construction of the new economy facility company employs about 280 workers to operate and maintainspanned from July 2019 to August 2021 and the various parking facilities.had very minimal impact to travelers. The new LAX Economy Parking Facility, Construction and Design Features which opened to the public in October 2021,JAKE ADAMSJake Adams, program executive for the Landside Accesswill soon be connected to the automated people mover train Modernization Program, explains that LAX closed its formerstation via two pedestrian bridges on the second level of the economy surface lot to the public and adjusted an access point forparking facility. When the system is complete in 2023, the train rental cars to facilitate construction of the new Economy Parkingwill transport parkers to the Central Terminal Area in about four to seven minutes, depending which of the three stations a passenger uses.The ground level of the Economy Parking Now Open!structure features a meet-and-greet area with LAX Economy Parking Structure concessions, restrooms, a pet relief area and a station for guests to fill their water bottles. Currently, the area has vending machine concessions, but there is also space for LAX to install kiosks. Travelers can access the train in this area via stairs and elevators, while people dropping off or picking up passengers can park in short-term parking and wait outside their vehicles in the spacious, open area that is protected from vehicles. Goodermote notes that the meet-and-greet area has natural light around the perimeter, with additional light from an open area of the second deck. Passenger circulation was a priority throughout the design process. Specifically, the team analyzed how passengers would exit their vehicles, navigate through the parking facility with luggage and head to the train station. Thats one of the key features, the attention to detail on passenger circulation and orientation in the parking structure, Baez notes. LAX sacrificed some parking stalls to include passenger walkways for safety and access to the vertical circulation, he adds. The four-level parking structure includes two lightwells that serve as pedestrian collectors, with escalators to provide ease for travelers with luggage. Michael Pendergrass, a WatryMICHAEL PENDERGRASSDesign principal, notes that dedicated pedestrian pathways guide passengers from their parking spaces to the lightwells and along the side of the building where they will board the train. Additionally, the facility is designed with minimal interior March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'