b'FACILITIESTIJ 15At 45,000 square meters, the new facilityPassengers coming from the U.S. enFlyaway Tandem series, configured in rows more than doubles TIJs overall footprint.route to domestic destinations withinof four seats each. The new seats have high (The main terminal itself is 40,000 squareMexico cross the bridge, complete thebackrests, and fully half are equipped with meters.) Because the two structuresCustoms and Immigration process, checkpower outlets for phones and other mobile are connected, domestic passengerstheir bags, pass through the securitydevices.can immediately go to their gates aftercheckpoint and then enter the terminal processing, and international passengersbuilding to wait for their flight. Clear Improvementswill wait for departing flights in a sterilePassengers coming from the U.S. en routeThe new processing building includes a holding area equipped with seating andto international destinations such as Panamalarge amount of glass, including skylights tables. The Transit Processing BuildingCity cross the bridge and immediatelythat add natural light and partitions to help also smooths the arrivals process. Aftercheck their bags. They will not have todirect passenger flow. Due to the local deplaning, passengers en route to the U.S.do Immigration or Customs, because theyclimate, the design team specified double can simply pass through the new facility andwill be in transit in the building, Martnezglass with an air chamber to reduce thermal cross the pedestrian bridge. Snchez explains. They go directly to thelosses, increase acoustic insulation and This is a unique building, Martnezcheck-in area for international flights and areachieve a comfortable environment for Snchez says. Because the bridge spansin an isolated holding area while waiting tobuilding occupants. Chinchn explains the border between two countries, thereboard their flight. that even though Tijuana typically has mild is not a structure like this in the world.temperatures, the thermal sensation is often Passengers arriving at TIJ and proceedingextreme and dry. (More details about the CrossBorderto the U.S. across the bridge report directly Xpress terminal and bridge are availableto U.S. Customs and Border ProtectiontheGlass partitions provide transparency in the March/April 2016 issue of Airportsame international arrivals process used atregarding the movement of people, aircraft Improvement magazine.) U.S. airports. Essentially, these passengersand operating machinery. We believe that Funding for the new Transit Processingbypass official entry into Mexico.theres a certain beauty in being part of that Building came from passenger revenue andprocess, and we wanted to propose a very Carlos Gmezopen building where everyone could see airport investments, with approval from theChinchn, general Mexican government.and be seen, says Chinchn. On the other director of Lamhand, the necessary process to reach the arquitectos/Estudio Handling Traffic Surge Lamela Mexico,plane is complex and sometimes stressful The biggest challenge for the project teamfrom fear of missing the flight. Simplifying notes that it was was achieving efficient passenger flow throughimperative for the four-story building. We knew we neededthe new building to manage all the different movements whileto interfaceCARLOS GOMEZ CHINCHONhaving isolated spaces specifically for eachaesthetically and physically with the flow, says Martnez Snchez. It needed to beolder main terminal. a facility that carefully limited flow dependingSMART SOLUTIONS The existing building had undergone on where passengers are going or where theymany quick renovations, so the complexFOR AIRPORTSare coming from.lacked unity, says Chinchn. Our Although it is physically connected toinitial idea was to unify the new with the the airports main terminal, the Transitold to create a guideline for the future. Processing Building has its own: Although all airports implicitly bring theCustomer Experience Equipmentbaggage handling system idea of a gateway to a city, in this case,to Improve Passenger Travelscreening equipment for checkedthis concept was extended to be theCustom Repacking Stationsbaggage (including tomographygateway to a country, as its situatedAutonomous Robotsexplosives detection) next to the border with the U.S.screening lanes for carry-on items withAdding the new Transit ProcessingAir SheriffCybersecurityX-ray machines and automated trayBuilding is not the only change TIJAerospace Devicesreturn has made to accommodate surges inPlugs and USB Ports passenger screening equipment passenger traffic. The airport recentlyCustoms and Immigrations checkpoints installed 580 additional seats in its main terminal360 in the domestic hold area Having two sets of such equipment andand 220 in the international hold area. facilities allows TIJ to separate passengersPablo Reich, executive vice president traveling to destinations in Mexico fromfor Arconas, notes that projectCaren Steiner|caren@h2airports.comthose traveling internationally. designers selected the companys310.944.2630|h2airports.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'