b'24 LAX PARKING The new facility provides about 4,300 economy parking stalls. the airports total to about 1,200. The team designing the newest parking structure also laid the groundwork for 1,100 more charging REGENERATIVE AIR SWEEPERSstalls and included infrastructure that would For a Deeper Clean allow LAX to monetize charging stations in the future. Sustainable design features of the facility itself include drought-tolerant landscaping, LED lighting, preferred parking for vanpool vehicles and a stormwater retention system. The low-impact development strategy for the stormwater system included an underground retention system due to limited space at the project site. Swinerton designed and engineered the system using a series of connected precast concrete vaults to provide water storage under the building. The vault system is connected to 12 drywells spread throughout the building, and water is recharged into the ground, explains Photo courtesy of Meridian Regional Airport Goodermote.Challenges Overcome ROUTINE CLEANING OF RAMP, RUNWAY, & ROADS At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Removes FOD that can hide in cracks & crevices airport construction was deemed essential infrastructure, so the project wasnt shut down. Model 600 HSP Options Goodermote reports that the team experienced minor workforce shortages as COVID infectedLiquid Recovery System removes Chassis Mounted Magnet removessome crews, and there were additional costs ferrous metals at sweeping speedsand recovers standing liquids, suchdue to extra cleaning and prevention measures up to 25 miles per hour. as glycol. on the jobsite and in construction offices. We all shared that financial impact, he notes. The Lateral Air Flow Nozzle clearsRunway Sweeper, High Speed debris, such as sand, grass andPerformance. team implemented stringent policies about snow from runways and taxiways. temperature checks and brief health screenings to help minimize workplace transmission.One of the biggest challenges the team faced during design and construction was working directly adjacent to and connecting to another project that is still under construction: the new automated people mover station. The design for the Economy Parking Facility had FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 800.258.9626|TYMCO.COM to accommodate for the design, elevation, March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'