b'LANDSIDE DEVELOPMENTCOS 39the business park to generate $3.5 million in annual revenueThe new development is attracting high-tech companiesstarting this year and increasing with each year to come and asthat support nearby military installations. new development comes online. Ultimately, the park will fund improvements to the airport in the coming years and reduce or eliminate the need to take on debt or affect the rates and charges for the airlines. Establishing an autonomous governmental entity to finance, build and maintain the required infrastructure wasnt the only transactional lubricant. Phillips also credits the city of Colorado Springs Rapid Response Team, which provides primary qualifying employers expedited review and response for land use applications and building permits. By integrating every regulatory agency required in the planning and review process, the Rapidpairs graduate students from the University of Colorado and the Response Team often cuts approval times in half. University of Denver with industry leaders to evaluate development The citys Rapid Response Team brings all parties into focusopportunities throughout the first four months of the year.and allows us to operate at the speed of business, which is criticalAnd theres still more ahead. to facilitating the positives for these high-impact businesses, saysWe still have room to grow, advises Phillips. Our objective is to Phillips. establish Peak Innovation Park as a local, regional and national Business and regulatory interests arent the only ones todestination. We envision a dynamic mix of uses, including lively retail, recognize the growing potential of COS burgeoning businessparks, walking trails and community gathering spots of all sorts. We park. Peak Innovation Park was selected for the 2022 Rockyaim to make [it] an asset all of Colorado Springs can be proud of; a Mountain Real Estate Challenge, a scholarship competition thatplace where both businesses and people want to be. SEE HOW WE MAKE IT To buy, operate, and own a top of the line striping truck.Visit www.ezliner.com for more information.1920 Albany Place SEOrange City, IA, 51041(800) 373-4016sales@ezliner.comezliner.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'