b'FUELINGTUS 35With the new facility up and running, Swissport will continue toNow that the new fueling facility is operational, the old be responsible for daily operations. It will also manage budgets andunderground tanks will be removed. costs, and will report to the consortium. Bewley is enthusiastic about the new facility and its features. As construction neared completion, Goggan checked thatBy the airlines obtaining secure financing for a 30-year lease, it everything was working correctly, and that the new operationsensures a streamlined process for both the airport and the airlines building is up to standards. now and for the future, she says. By moving the new fuel facility Obviously, we need to ensure that the fuel is getting to thecloser to our fence line, fuel delivery trucks no longer have to drive airlines, he remarks. We also have to make sure that all the peopleairside like they used to. With the new above-ground tanks, there working with Swissport know every aspect of the new fuel facility. is room to add another tank in the future, if demand warrants that. We also expect to meet all environmental regulations from the city Burns & McDonnell will assist with training. and state governments.Many Benefits Looking ahead, the airport may use the valuable space now Instead of eight underground tanks, the new facility has three largeroccupied by the old underground storage tanks to expand tanks above ground. Each can hold 168,000 gallons and connectsConcourse B. This gives us more flexibility for growth, Bewley to the airports existing hydrant system, which delivers fuel to variousremarks.airline gates. Refueling trucks that serve cargo planes and privateIn general, the airport authority is optimistic that business will aircraft have access to the tanks as well but pay a slightly higher per- continue to grow in 2022. Like nearly all airports, TUS experienced gallon fee than consortium members, Bourdeau points out. significant declines in air traffic during 2020. As 2021 came to a Fortunately, the hydrants at TUS are relatively new, and are stillclose, Bewley expected TUS to end the year with about 85% of in good condition. The project team does not expect to encounterthe flight operations it logged in 2019, before the pandemic hit. In issues connecting the new storage tanks to the hydrants.2022 and beyond, we hope that the commercial airlines using our airport will add more flights to meet demand, and this will be a win-win for the consortium as well as us, she concludes. Full-service solutions from arrival to departure.Operational efficiency is key to staying ahead of the curve. With a rangeof full-service architecture, engineering and construction services,our team partners with you to deliver successful, state-of-the-art facilitiesand infrastructure solutions. Seehow at burnsmcd.com/AirportSolutions22.AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'