b'FACILITIESTIJ 17SAN is ranked second in the world for airport congestion and one runway, adds Martnez Snchez. We also have only one runway, but we have space available and dont have issues with congestion.He and other officials feel it is important for TIJ to have the right resources in place to grow, because the airport is an important economic engine for northern and central Mexico. As such, an analysis is currently underway to determine the feasibility of adding a second runway. We dont see the airport as an isolated infrastructure, Martnez Snchez explains. The airport has to be a key player in the development of the region.Airport officials note that TIJ presents significant opportunities forThe new facility is expected to begin serving international passengers expanded international air service, particularly from Asia and Latinby the end of this year. America. A key factor to its draw is a catchment area that includesthan SAN or LAX. That makes TIJ a low-cost option for carriers almost 23 million people in Southern California who can easilyinterested in serving both Tijuana and San Diego, he adds.access TIJ using the pedestrian bridge. Currently, nearly 67,000 passengers fly between Tijuana/Southern California and Asia eachFor now, Martnez Snchez considers the new Transit Processing week. In addition, growth in Tijuanas manufacturing sector isBuilding a great improvement for the airport. Before, we had to helping the city attract 80,000 new residents each year.process all these passengers going back and forth on the bridge in a very small area with a lot of congestion, he says. It was a very Martnez Snchez notes that beyond offering airlines a growingbad quality of service. Now, these processes are in a new building base of potential passengers, TIJs operating fees are 70% lesswith new technology and more space. Question todayImagine tomorrowCreate for the futureWSPs experience in the aviation industry dates back more than 85 years. We plan, design and manage projects that leverage the latest technologies to create modern state-of-the-art facilities that achieve owners sustainable design goals, enhance the passenger experience and improve operations.Find out what we can do for you.wsp.comAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'