b'28 GSP CONCESSIONSGreenville-Spartanburg Intl Brings Select Food/Beverage Concessions in House BY NICOLE NELSONFACTS&FIGURESWithout question, COVID-19 hasmanages a handful of concessions and Project: Transitioning from traditional concessionsbeen a test for airports large andGSP keeps all of the sales and profits they contracts to in-house management & operatingsmall, metropolitan and rural. Thegenerate less an incentive fee that the firm agreements entire industry has had to modify standardearns from those profits. The airport no Location: Greenville-Spartanburg (SC) Intl Airportpractices due to unprecedented challengeslonger collects rent for the concession space Scope: 5 food & beverage concessionaires presented by the pandemic.and is now responsible for investing money (of 9 total)In August 2020, during the early throesto develop the individual businesses. Concessions Affected: Chick-fil-A, The Kitchenof the pandemic, Greenville-SpartanburgIn July 2020, GSP spent $1.2 million by Wolfgang Puck, Thomas Creek Grill, RJ RockersInternational Airport (GSP) changed fromto purchase the local assets of OHM Flight Room reopened under purview of new operator;traditional concessions contracts to moreConcessions Group, a St. Louis-based firm DC-3 Hot Dogs was replaced with QDOBA Mexican Eatsnarrow management agreements for fivethat ran five food and beverage concessions New Management/Operating Servicesof its nine food and beverage locations.at the airport: three chain locationsChick-Company: Metz Culinary Management Airport officials note that the new strategyfil-A, DC-3 Hot Dogs and The Kitchen by Terms: 5-year contract with 5-year option helps safeguard GSPs established levelsWolfgang Puckand two local brewery of customer service and provides GSP withconceptsThomas Creek Grill from Cost: $1.2 million buyout of OHM Concession Groupsmore input regarding day-to-day operatingGreenville and RJ Rockers Flight Room of local assetsdecisions that drive sales.Spartanburg.Timeline: Airport purchased OHMs local assetsin July 2020; new contract with Metz took effect inIt also affects the South Carolina airportsWhen the opportunity Sept. 2020 balance sheet. Previously, all concessionairescame available for those Accolade: 2021 Adaptability Award, Airportsleased space from the airport, invested infive concepts, we just Council InternationalNorth Americatheir individual concepts and locations, anddecided to bring it in Key Benefits: Airport has more control overkept the associated sales/profits, less thehouse, explains Scott customer service & greater input about operatingamount paid to GSP per standard revenueCarr, vice president of practices; airport retains all revenue instead ofsharing agreements. Now, an outside firmCommercial Business receiving monthly revenue sharing payments SCOTT CARRMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'