b'54 CSG TERMINALSReflecting the Community A critical part of the design process is taking the time to Airport officials and their project partners are especially proud of theunderstand the unique qualities that contribute to a sense of features built into the renovations that reflect the local community.place, said Frank Gratton, RS&H lead design architect. Those RS&H incorporated elements of the Columbus areas architecturalcan often be found in the history, culture, people and context of heritage, geographic characteristics and downtown waterfront intothe natural and built environment. the look and feel of the renovations. CurvingSauer Construction Company hired Ryan Wampler, who has walls convey the sense of the winding waterslived in the Columbus area for several years, to lead the CSG of the Chattahoochee River, which runs alongproject for the general contractor. As a passenger using the local the western edge of Columbus. Exteriorairport to fly to other Sauer jobsites, Wampler notes that the touches include brick pavers similar to thoserecent aesthetic improvements make a big difference. But his found throughout the historic waterfront. inside knowledge makes him aware that CSG boasts a lot more In a nod to nearby military installations, thethan just a better look.entire gate area will be decorated to honorFRANK GRATTON The real benefit of the project is in the internal systems, he U.S. servicemen and women. Columbus isrelates. Thats where the majority of the value comes in. When I just 10 miles from Fort Benning, a U.S. Armywas surveying the building and prepping it for construction, the post that supports more than 120,000 active- extreme temperatures inside the building were uncomfortable and duty military, family members and reserveunbearable for our workers and for passengers. The guts of the soldiers. As such, a significant percentage ofbuilding are so much better from a customer comfort standpoint. the passengers who fly in and out of CSG areIts in a much better place now. members of the military. Plans for the gate area include dedications to all five branches of the Armed Forces. RYAN WAMPLER Houdini is real! Magic and disappearing documents areYes, there are good people in the industry. Yes, owners alive and well. The old hide the documents remainsreps have their place. However, they do not replace an widespread in the construction industry! organized, third-party digital librarian who is prepared for discovery. How would I know? From financial ruins of beingin the industry for 45 years, my husband was set up I think its a huge benefit. I think that the to fail. The GC held files, took all the money. MyMySmartPlans concept by an independent thirdhusband decided he had enough, it was time to party is brilliant. It saves so much time, energy, SHELLEY ARMATOdo something about this mess, this stress and money. It creates the sense of trust, says Wayne mis-handled documentation.Kalayjian of Secretariat, a litigation counseling firm.Once the largest commercial painting company inWe have ruffled feathers. We have found that most KC, we are now the leader in construction technology,people dont have the skills to have hard conversations, allowing for all stakeholders to support their trade.because it is easier to be cynical. But if you likeholding contractors accountable, like a budget thatBitter is not good; getting even is best. Togetheris protected, and want the contingency returned,we reinvented the industry 15 years ago by creatingthere is a better way to build! We believe in peopleDOMINICK ARMATOMySmartPlans. Success leaves trails. 1,500 projectsbefore profits. later, only one project went to discovery, not onehas had litigation. I have busted Houdini!MYSMARTPLANS.COM | shelley@mysmartplans.com | 816.479.0261March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'