b'LANDSIDE DEVELOPMENTCOS 37Colorado started to outpace other states on the growth trajectory.and didnt feel that the area around the airport was much of an Thats when airport officials decided they needed a bonafideopportunity, Baum explains. Our role was to ready the land development partner to broker deals and cultivate broaderto receive vertical development. That meant bringing in roads, synergy than COS could accomplish on its own. water, sewer, electric, gas and telecommunicationsand, just After issuing a request for proposals in 2016 and conducting aas importantly, finding ways to finance that infrastructure and national search, the airport selected Urban Frontier, a Colorado- stimulating investment interest in the business park.based land developer. Phillips considers partnering with the firmJust five years later, in 2021, Realtor.com ranked the airports a pivotal decision that has made all the difference. Readying 90080916 zip code as the Hottest Zip Code in America; and the acres to welcome world-class businesses and a variety of nationalbenefits spiral out from Peak Innovation Park into the everyday interests requires constant coordination of many moving parts,lives of its neighbors. While the increase in land values is and thats where Urban Frontier shines, he explains.significant, the development is also attracting a veritable whos who of companies.Have at It As an anchor tenant, Amazon is much more than a massive Garrett Baum, managing partner of Urbanfootprint. Its an employment sector unto itself. Amazon has Frontier, enjoys the never-a-dull-momentestablished a three-building complex that includes a sorting aspect of land development. facility, a distribution facility and an amazing five-story, 3.7 million-Evaluating land, working through zoningsquare-foot fulfillment centerthe largest building in the state of and entitlements, developing infrastructure,Colorado, reports Phillips. The online retail giant is expected to coordinating with a myriad of below-gradebring 5,000 jobs to the airport park, causing positive economic and surface utilities, and attracting businessGARRETT BAUM ripples throughout Colorado Springs and 50 to 60 miles in every investments to create a dynamic new community of interests isdirection.thrilling the whole way through, says Baum. Aerospace Corporation, a science and engineering research/Beyond the horizontal infrastructure development, Urbandevelopment company, is expanding its presence at the airport Frontier has supported the addition of about 5 million squarewith COS-2, a high-tech facility on track to open this spring. The feet of vertical development across a wide range of assets andnew buildings digital engineering environment will enable high-industries. Moreover, Baum anticipates adding another 1 millionfidelity analysis and physics-based modeling and simulation to square feet including hotels and industrial, office and retailsupport U.S. Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base.buildings in the next 12 to 18 months. Flywheel Capital broke ground for the first building of its Peak When we partnered with COS, the Colorado Springs realTechnology Campus last March. When complete, the four-building estate community was fixated on the northern edge of the cityClass A office development will include 210,000 square feet of AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'