b'WINTER OPERATIONSATL 43while also allowing for continued access during construction, which aids phasing and project cost. Even though the grade changed on the east side, designers were able to keep some of the existing base course and just replace the concrete on top. Naturally, they still had to ensure the grades flowed in concert with the drainage trench system and met FAA criteria, Stubbs notes. Once the South Deicing Complex is operational, aircraft will exit the deicing area onto Taxiway R, a full-length parallel taxiway to Runway 9R-27L. Nissalke emphasizes that the design team worked closely with FAA and other stakeholders to develop a plan that prevents aircraft from accidentally ending up on Runway 27L. There was a lot of good discussion that created a safer end project, he says. There were multiple safety risk management meetings to address and mitigate a variety of potential scenarios. We went through all of the operational concerns of stakeholders, the cargo carriers and multiple people working in that area toThe new South Deicing Complex will be able to deice up to ten Group III airplanes, five Group V or a mix of the two. #1water blasting choice for airportsrubber removal, paint removal, paint rejuventation, terminal cleaningw w w . T h e H o g . c o mAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'