b'22 LAX PARKING complete by summer 2022. Previously, employees had to driverevenue control system and parking guidance system will allow offsite to secure and update their access credentials. In the future,us to improve wayfinding for the customer within the parking they will be able to take the train and public transportation to thefacilityfrom understanding where they should park, to how to new badging office.find their vehicle when they return, he says. The HUB Parking system is managed by parking operator ABM Aviation and HUB Technology and Efficiencysupport staff.Beyond additional parking spots and creature comforts, AdamsThe Hangar system, from AeroParker, provides landing pages highlights the technology systems that support the new parkingabout parking from links on the main LAX website and in paid facility. From website links that help customers pre-book their parkingsearch ads. In addition to providing customers with information online to integrated systems that eliminate the need to use ticketsneeded to support their buying decision, these pages provide and entry and exit gates, all of the technology features align withrelevant content based on customer search terms. If customers LAXs goal of delivering gold-standard airport service, he explains.type cheap parking at LAX into a search engine, for example, Travelers who pre-book parking online through the AeroParkerHangar directs them to a landing page tailored toward those reservation system can choose from five categories of productskey search terms. LAX Economy Parking options are presented at LAX (Terminal, Economy, Premium, Valet or Electric Vehiclewith clear calls to action, with real-time pricing pulled in from the Parking), select a specific parking structure and guarantee theirAeroParker reservation system. Were able to tailor the content parking spot in it. Because parking rates are dynamic and based onbased on a variety of factors we know about the customer to availability, customers who book online can typically save 20% tomake it a personalized experience, Daring says. In the future, 60% compared to drive-up rates. They also benefit from contactlessthis could mean that when customers search for flight updates entry and exit at the parking gates due toon the LAX website, Hangar could be used to display content integration with HUBs Parking Technologyand products relevant to that flight or destination. Furthermore, parking and revenue control system.combining the flight departure with geolocation data, would The integration of smart parking technologymake it possible to provide relevant, timely travel information. A and systems at LAX is improving thecontextual, personalized experience leads to higher conversion passenger experience, explains Alan Daring,and overall customer satisfaction, Daring explains. managing director of AeroParker. IntegrationIn yet another level of integration, the new facilitys systems between the reservation system, parking andALAN DARING are all integrated with IT and operational management systems at Los Angeles World Airports. A centralized integration platform has been developed to allow all systems to share data in real-time, which provides operations with a complete picture of the parking facility and customers Next Generation with a more seamless parking experience, says Daring. Parking Guidance HUBs newest line of revenue control equipment, JUPITER, facilitates entry and exit for parkers. Project designers specified Maximize efficiency. Increase revenue. Enhance security. Elevate CX.67 entry/exit stations, 34 pay stations With our smart-parking ecosystem. and eight lane section control stations at various facilities across the LAX campus. Of the total peripherals specified, 10 entry/exit stations, 12 pay stations and eight lane section control stations were specifically designated for the Economy Parking project. Joel Naicker,JOEL NAICKERarea operations manager for HUB Parking Technology, reports that initial planning and coordination lasted approximately eight months, and deployment took about two months. Installation began in 125 Commerce Court, Suite 11 | Cheshire, CT 06410, USAlast August and ended in October.Call +1 203.220.6544 or visit parkassist.com to learn moreMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'