b'44 ATL WINTER OPERATIONSmake sure safe operations are maintained during a deicing operation, says Stubbs.In-pavement lighting makes it easier for pilots to see parking locations; pavement markings designate routes for deicing trucks so they maintain safe distances from aircraft; and six concrete islands were added at the top of the ramp to divide it from the taxiway. The intent of those islands is to make that large mouth of the ramp have enough visual deterrents so that traffic didnt get confused between the deicing ramp and the taxiway and possibly wander out onto the runway, Stubbs explains. Extra SafeguardsBuilding the new deicing facility adjacent to ATLs South Cargo area required careful phasing and close coordination. Stubbs considers minimizing the impact of construction one of the projects biggest challenges. Cargo operations are crucial to the airport and the community, he emphasizes.When a portion of the apron in front of a Delta Air Lines hangar was reconstructed, contractors coordinated closely with the New tanks can store a total of 260,000 gallons of Type I glycol. airline to ensure continuous access to the area for workers while also maintaining access to the south cargo facility for cargo aircraft. This required continuous communication and regular adjustments to taxi routes and construction phasing.Like we often do here, we have to create our own construction footprint, because this was not a greenfield site by any stretch of the imagination, says Nissalke. We have to make sure everything is always safe out there because its construction in tight quarters. All stakeholders working together as one team is critical, as safety is the primary concern during construction.Other challenges have emerged, but Stubbs reports they have been successfully managed with constant communication, collaborative effort, flexibility and quick decisions and resolutions by stakeholders. For example, some work phases have been adjusted due to COVID-related supply chain issues and wet winter weather. With work continuing, airport officials expect crews to complete pavement work this June, and the deicing pad to be fully operational in October. March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'