b'TERMINALSMCI 67wanting to work in the construction industry. Stricker says its retention rate is higher than the average construction industry average, and more than 140Why MCI?people from the program have worked on the terminal project. So far, its an incredible success, Stricker reports. Weve helped to createThe three-letter identifier for Kansas City the workforce of the future in Kansas City, and Im extremely proud of thisInternational Airport, MCI, leaves many project for the tremendous economic impact this will make on the city for yearspassengers scratching their heads. They to come.insist it should be KCI, a more literal abbreviation. But theres a logical reason Goodwin cites a positive relationship with the union trades as anotherit is not. important piece of the puzzle. The collaboration and partnering between theDecades ago, the airport was called general contractors, design builder and union trade partners built a strongMid-Continent International before it was contribution, he says. The unions role is supporting the project with skills anda commercial airport, and MCI was its qualified labor to build the job, and their role is important.three-letter designator. When the name Meyer hopes the vision in Kansas City inspires other cities and airportchanged to Kansas City International operators to consider the progressive features MCI is implementing andin 1972 when it opened to passengers expand upon them even more.and cargo, the airport kept the original Were really proud of the plans accessibility and inclusivity, Meyerdesignator; and it remains MCI to this emphasizes. We are leaning into it. My hope is that this project doesnt onlyday. Thats partly because International deliver an accessible and inclusive terminal in this region, but also serves asAir Transportation Association (IATA) rules a launching point for other airport terminal projects to move beyond what wedo not allow U.S. airports to use codes have been able to do and make other passengers feel cared for.beginning with K or W, and there is also a MCI is planning to showcase its accomplishments with a grand openingsmall airport in Indonesia already using the celebration for the new terminal in March 2023.call letters KCI. ALIS Basic (free version)Easy Airside Maintenance Connect to the Cloud via Any Desktop Web BrowserAsset, User and MaintenanceTask ManagementGeneric Airport Status VisualizationFaulty Asset Marking and Follow-UpUpgrade for FREE for 90 DaysSatellite View Overlay: Real GIS MapOn-Site Proof PointsAdvanced Reporting (coming soon)Maintenance AdvisoriesLook to the Cloud. Imagine simplifying your airfield maintenancePhotometric Data Importby digitally registering your airside assets, electronically scheduling and tracking maintenance, and recording maintenance and inspection tasksall in one cloud-based subscription. You can have all that and more with ALIS, ADB SAFEGATEs Airside Location-based Inspection and Service solution.Visit alis.adbsg.com to get started with ALIS for FREE for the first 90 days.AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'