b'TERMINALSMCI 65in the terminal. Meyer says that strategy is a good start, but MCIvisitors who need them. In addition, there will be stalls without is taking it a step further to accommodate even more passengers.commodes to serve as changing roomsmuch like dressing The new design includes multi-user facilities with lockable stallsrooms in clothing stores. and shared sink space, which provides privacy while serving moreWhen youre going to a business meeting and you need to guests at once. change at the airport, do you really want to change in a bathroom Were going to blow peoples minds, says Meyer. This isntstall? Pierce asks. This is an idea to make it as comfortable as just a family restroom; we recognize that a variety of communitiespossible. Were bringing benches into the space and high partitions.reap the benefits. Designers arranged the standard restroom stalls in pods andHe cites a mother traveling with 8- and 10-year-old sonsspecified doors that open outward instead of inward. This will as just one example. The sons are too old to go in theeliminate the need for visitors to twist themselves into pretzels to womens restroom, but she doesnt want to send them intoget inside with luggage. the mens restroom alone, Meyer explains. We see all-gender bathrooms as a natural progression to lean into accessibility andAirplane Simulation Roominclusiveness, and this seemed like a straightforward decision onOn the airside, MCI is building an Airplane Simulation Room for how we can make this easiest for everyone. those afraid of flying due to claustrophobia, autism or any other Pierce agrees, adding that all-gender bathrooms arecondition. The room will include a simulated gate area, simulated something the design community is seeing more desire for. Itspassenger boarding bridge, and a real aircraft cabin pulled from accommodating for the trans community, and its also helpful forthe fuselage of an Airbus A-321. Airport personnel will work with all passengers, he remarks.interested guests to pre-schedule a time for them to come to the airport, check in and experience the processes of clearing a TSA MCIs new restrooms will also include adult-size changingsecurity checkpoint and boarding an aircraft without the pressures tables, which can make a huge difference for caretakers andof scheduled flight times. AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'