b'TERMINALSMCI 63Project PartnersAfter the votes were in and MCI was committed to moving forward with the project, the Aviation Department issued a request for proposals from firms to design and build it. The submission from Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate brought innovative ideas to the table for creating and funding the new terminal. We showed that we wanted this airport terminal to be a community asset, says Edgemoor Senior Managing Director Geoff Stricker. We didnt show up with any preconceived notion about what the terminal looked like. We said we wanted to sit down with the airport operator and community, and I think that resonated with the city.GEOFF STRICKERWorking side-by-side with Edgemoor and the Aviation Department are architect Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill and builder Clark|Weitz|Clarkson, a joint venture comprised of Clark Construction Group, The Weitz Company and Clarkson Construction.Clark Construction Vice President Mark Goodwin serves as the project director and has been overseeing the design-build effort ever since the Aviation Department chose Edgemoor in 2017 as its partner to develop, design and construct the new facility. I believe we were selected for our approach, says When the new terminal opens in 2023, passengers will find aGoodwin. We started with an open mind andMARK GOODWINhost of new amenities in the 90-foot-wide concourses, including awanted to hear what the city wanted. This has universally accessible indoor play area and a military USO lounge.served us well in the past. Clients are looking for someone they can While the previous terminal had two nursing areas for travelingtrust and who feels the success of the project fits their objectives.mothers and babies, the new one will include 10. In the ticketingThe joint venture team has been in lockstep with Edgemoors area, the height of every counter complies with the Americansphilosophy from the beginning, he adds. with Disabilities Act (rather than just a few select stations), and the screens are height-adjustable for agents.Quiet SpacesLess obvious, but impactful, touchesBy their very nature, airport terminals are busy, noisy places. incorporated by project architect Skidmore,Passengers at MCI who want or need to escape loud, distracting Ownings & Merrill include thoughtfully slopedareas will find relief in the form of two purpose-built spaces. One is floors instead of ramps, which are mucha sensory room designed to be a quiet, calm place to ease stress easier to traverse for passengers with mobilitybefore or after flying. challenges. Jordan Pierce, an associateMeyer notes that families with children on the autism spectrum principal with Skidmore, Ownings & Merrill,JORDAN PIERCE who need a less chaotic experience will greatly benefit from this says the design team also took care to minimize level changes to help guests traveling with small children and/or those navigating the airport in a wheelchair. The project team was also driven by the desire to keep everything aboveground. In this new building, you are always able to orient yourself based on your surroundings, versus being underground, PiercePlanningexplains. Transferring underground in an artificially litDELTA AIRPORT Engineeringspace is a different experience. We dont want this to feelCONSULTANTS, INC. Environmentallike a factory that is processing people; we want it to beIndustry Analysiswww.deltaairport.com Program Management enjoyable.Construction AdministrationBusiness & Financial PlanningAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'