b'12 YSB WINTER OPERATIONSMcKeown reports. Airports now need to figure out how to do work efficiently if half of a shift is out sick. So theres more and more demand for equipment that performs more than just one function, as well as multi-season functions.As an example, he cites the CLAAS tractor, which plows snow in winter and tows a grass-cutting machine in spring and summer. It also can be used with attachments such as sweepers and snow blowers.Speaking from an equipment manufacturers perspective, Whittemore agrees that successful snow removal operations depend on efficiency and productivity, as exemplified by YSB.Airports are limited by timeevery second counts, he emphasizes. They cant just shut down for three hours until the snow is cleared. Everything at airports has to be faster and more efficient when it comes to snow removal. And thats how Sudbury operates. Some of the airports tractors can be used with plows, sweepers, blowers or grass-cutters. FACINGMOUNTAINS?We Can HelpLED RUNWAY CLOSURE MARKER WEIGHING SYSTEM FOR WINTER OPERATIONS CUTTING EDGES FOR TRUCK PLOWS, BLOWERS,& MULTI-FUNCTION EQUIPMENTSHERWININDUSTRIESINC.COM|800-525-8876March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'