b'38 COS LANDSIDE DEVELOPMENTThe U.S. Forest Service is building Coming Attractionsa base for its aerial firefighting tankers.Future plans for Peak Innovation Park include hospitality, retail, dining and lifestyle amenities such as hotels and entertainment complexes. Hotel Equities and Olive Real Estate Group are breaking ground on a new Residence Inn by Marriott and plan to add an adjoining Courtyard by Marriott soon after, Baum reports. We are working on a variety of other deals as well.He considers versatility and flexibility essential ingredients in attracting commercial investments, big and small.The structure of the agreement between COS and the FAA secure space specifically designed for personnel serving theallows COS to sell some of the parcels, while we lease others, defense and aerospace industries. The new single-story buildingsBaum explains. Its important to understand that every potential will be the closest available leased offices for companies engagedtenant will see their deal in a different light, and this isnt a one-at Peterson and Schriever Space Force Bases.size-fits-all situation.The U.S. Forest Service is building a base for its aerialAccording to Phillips, the organizational structure of Peak firefighting tankers that will be the most advanced facility of itsInnovation Park has just as much to do with its mounting kind in the country. The airports 13,501-foot runway was asuccesses as long-term commitments from the right tenants. special draw, because it is long enough to accommodate the fullThe decision to create a metro district was critical from a range of aircraft in the federal agencys fleet. The new base willfinancing standpoint, he explains. This project necessitated include a 4,700-square-foot operations building, a 4,000-square- more than $30 million in infrastructure to ready the land to foot building for storing fire retardant, and a plant to support fivereceive tenants. A lot of hard work and strategic thinking went 25,000-gallon mixing tanks. into structuring that part of the process. As a result, we expect EFFICIENT AIRPORT FACILITY CLEANINGT R I V E R U SM C VD E L I V E R S|INFOPLEASE@TRIVERUS.COM|866.670.7117|Speak with a Triverus Cleaning & Environmental Solutions specialist today! TRIVERUS.COMAIRFIELD FACILITIES Ramp HygieneParking Structure Hygiene Mildew and Stain RemovalPaint & Crack Seal Prep Marking Acuity RecoverySurface Pollution Removal & CaptureSpill ResponseAll Hard SurfacesMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'