b'SECURITY YRA 49To do so, Swi often installed sections of the new fenceSometimes, vegetation near the fence line limited where before removing the old one. Crews began by installing fenceinstallers could work. Often, we had to work from the airport posts, and then strung the wiring.side of the fence only, Reed recalls. Other times, we secured It depended on the area, Reed says. In some areas, wepermission to work on private property.could lay the new fence in front of the old fence or vice versa.Installers also had to work around the citys extensive But in other areas, we had to do things differently. irrigation network. We have a very arid climate, and those For instance, when fencing along a boundary line, crewsirrigation canals direct water to area fields, Buck explains. installed new fencing where the old fence stood. This requiredThey have specific width requirements we had to maintain. Our them to replace posts before removing old posts. When theycontractor had to protect those crossings at all times during were ready to hang the fencing fabric, installers demolishedconstruction so we didnt interrupt the flow of irrigation water. the old fence and immediately rolled out the new fence. This allowed us to keep our openings to less than 100 feet at aPositive Resultstime, Buck says, noting that the project team also positionedAfter more than a year in service, the new fencing is still staff to monitor all open areas.considered a valuable addition at YRA. Buck reports that it makes the airport more secure and reduces the amount of time The contractor had to coordinate the sequence so theystaff spends on wildlife management. Previously, if an animal could remove old fencing and erect a new fence quickly, hebreached the airport, a worker had to chase it off the airfield or adds. They had to cut the old fence into little pieces.sometimes shoot and remove the carcass. Inconsistent terrain also challenged the installation crews.The new fence has given us more protection, and we The most difficult areas were those with slopes and/or thickhave had no animal sightings since the fence went up, Buck vegetation.concludes. CASE IH & SourcewellThe easiest way to purchase equipment while satisfying your bidding requirements. Case IH equipment available on Sourcewell contract 021815-CNH.Contact your local Case IH dealer for the best year-round solution.RETHINK PRODUCTIVITYAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'