b'TERMINALSCSG 53With such uncertainty in the air, conversation ensued about whether to proceed. We discussed delaying the project because we didnt know if wed have enough laborers, and we didnt know what was going to happen financially, Clark recalls. We decided to continue with the project, and it was the best decision we ever made.RS&H Project Manager Pete Novak credits the Columbus Airport Commission for keeping the project moving. Their support of the project and team during this period allowed us to move forward without having to second guess each decision along the way, Novak explains. This was critical to the projects success.PETE NOVAKThe COVID-induced decline in passenger traffic through most of 2020 allowed work crews to tackle more of the project at once and accelerated their progress. Moreover, building materials were still available and ultimately cost significantly less than they would have if the airport delayed starting the project by even one year.Clark adds that sticking to the original timetable fortuitously put local laborers to work while many other construction projects were on hold. We were really proud to be able to keep a lot of people employed, she remarks. And we never had a COVID outbreak. New bar-height counters with seating are especially helpful for guests using laptops. Construction was completed in October 2021.AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'