b'To maintain security, team members monitored any areas of the perimeter that were open while crews 48 YRA SECURITYinstalled new fencing. normally would have been a four-week turnaround turned into roughly five months.Fastener backlogs for the project necessitated an exception waiver from the FAAs Buy American program. Normally, you can get American-made fasteners without a problem, but they were non-existent during the pandemic, says Reed. Installation IssuesNaturally, replacing the fence around an operating airport presents security and logistical challenges. The airport hired Swi Fence and Supply, an installer from Cody, to keep the project moving and meet FAA regulations about maintaining secuity fencing around active airfields.PRESERVING RUNWAYSDAY & NIGHTFAA P-608 COMPLIANT FAA P-608-R COMPLIANTHundreds of Runways Safely Treated SAFE Recommended for Time-Constrained& Environmentally Responsible Project ConditionsOver 25 Years Serving PROVEN Rapidly Cures to Runway Safetythe Aviation Industry Standards in 2-3 HoursMitigates Asphalt-Based EFFECTIVE No Long-Term Airport FOD & Surface OxidationClosures & Lost RevenueBoth treatments can be applied on all airfield pavements without restrictions.asphaltsystemsinc.comMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'