b'PARKINGLAX 19FACTS&FIGURES Project: New Economy Parking Facility Location: Los Angeles Intl AirportFacility Size: 4-level structure, 1.7 million sq. ft., with 4,300 parking stallsCost: $294.1 millionFunding: Los Angeles World Airports revenue fundsConstruction: July 2019-Aug. 2021Open to Public: Oct. 2021Design Lead: Watry Design; GenslerConstruction Lead: SwinertonParking Operations Management: ABM AviationAccess & Revenue Control System: HUB Parking Technology Parking Guidance System: Park Assist M4, from TKH Security Vehicle & License Plate Recognition Juan Baez, Gensleralso expected to make a positive impactTechnology: omniQ associate, says it wason the community. Of the 3,700 tradesOnline Parking Reservation System: very clear that the projectworkers hired for the project, more thanAeroParker, with Hangar digital suitewas a vital part of the1,100 were from the local area. Moreover,Security, Infrastructure & Emergency larger Landside Access42% of the construction budget was spentCommunications Consultant: BurnsModernization Program.with disadvantaged business enterprises,2019 Parking Revenue: $125.6 million (Central [LAX] never saw this asincluding small businesses, local businessesTerminal Area $99.5 million; employee parking $15.6 just a parking structure,JUAN BAEZ and companies owned by disabled veterans.million; Economy Parking $7.2 million; Van Nuys FlyAway $3.3 million) Baez remarks. TheyJeff Goodermote, director knew that the connection to the automatedof Parking Structures forKey Features: Additional parking capacity; online people mover was crucial. They looked atSwinerton, reports thatparking reservations & links from airport website to tailored landing pages for parking; customers booking this as a way to connect the terminals to thethe project stimulated theonline do not pull tickets to enter & exit; parking outside transit center of the city. local economy with moreguidance system; shuttle bus service to terminal In addition to fulfilling the primary objectivesthan $54 million in wages.(automated people mover train in 2023); meet-and-greet area with concessions, restrooms, pet relief area; of adding more parking spots and elevatingLAX Parking Serviceselectric vehicle charging stations; security badging the passenger experience, the team wasmanages and operatesJEFF GOODERMOTE office for airport staff AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'