b'46 YRA SECURITYYellowstone Regional Safeguards Security With New Wildlife Fence BY RONNIE WENDTAbundant wildlife is a major attraction atfrom the section of the fence that they may have Yellowstone National Park, right up therebeen able to get through, reports Airport Director FACTS&FIGURESwith its famous geysers. The chanceAaron Buck.Project: New Wildlife Fence to see everything from bear and bison to raptorsThe full-service airport, which averages almost Associated Projects: Chain-link fencing inand fox draws millions of visitors ever year. While30,000 operations a year, needed a more secure hangar area; updating gates such sightings are welcome within the confinesway to keep wildlife off the airfield. Its 25-year-Location: Yellowstone Regional Airport of the park, they are hazards on the airfield ofold perimeter fencing had seen better days. Cody, WY Yellowstone Regional Airport (YRA) in Cody, WY.Many wooden posts had rotted away, were Cost: $818,455 Located just minutes from the parks eastbroken or had sustained burns during weed Funding: FAA Airport Improvement entrance, YRA recentlycontrol fires. Program grants replaced its aging perimeterIt was in very poor shape and varied in Construction: June-Aug. 2020 (withfence to reduce animalheight, so its ability to keep or deter wildlife from unplanned hiatus to wait for materials) incursions. In the five yearsentering the airfield was limited, Buck explains. Consultant: Morrison-Maierle Inc. leading up to the fence project, we had 11 instancesTo mitigate its wildlife risks, YRA constructed a Fencing Contractor: Swi Fence & Supply of deer on the airfield. Wenew wildlife fence in 2020. The $818,455 project Key Benefits: Enhanced wildlifealso had 20 times that deerwas paid for with FAA Airport Improvement management; easier access to hangars forhad to be hazed or led awayAARON BUCKProgram grants. airport tenantsMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'