b'30 GSP CONCESSIONSThe airport is now more involved in food and beverage decisions that affect the passenger experience. It affords us an opportunity to provide a better product toDave Edwards, president and chief the traveling public because we understand the ins and outsexecutive officer of Greenville-Spartanburg of the business now, he explains. I think it gives us a uniqueAirport District, looks forward to having the opportunity to enhance that passenger experience, and wenew concessions model in place for 2022.wouldnt have had that opportunity without the knowledge thatAs more passengers return to air travel, we we have learned and gained over the past year. are pleased to once again offer them the For us, the real impetus in doing this, as with everything hereamenities and award-winning dining theyve at GSP, is just to make sure that we provide the traveling publiccome to expect at GSP, says Edwards. DAVE EDWARDSwith a high level of customer service, Carr continues. We want toDue to a five-year option in the contract, make sure that we are taking care of all our passengers to ensureMetz could potentially operate at GSP until 2030. that we are the airport of choice for the Western Carolinas region.REINVENTING THE TRAVELER EXPERIENCEDirect view LED provides a dynamic canvas that can help travelers adopt new technologyfor self-check-in and way-finding guidance from arrival to departure.Daktronics.com/AirportsMarch | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'