b'PARKINGLAX 25support and structural load calculations to incorporate twohaving pointed, direct conversations about design features or pedestrian bridges, which were designed by the train stationemerging issues, he explains. That level of engagement also team. During construction, Swinerton had to coordinate workhelped to streamline the process, he adds. You can get real, closely with the train team and consider its logistic needs.almost live feedback on cost implications that design concepts Another design obstacle to get pastor underwas heightor scenarios might have to help guide not restrictions, because the new parking structure sits right below theonly the designers in the right direction, but flight path for LAXs north runway. The roof level of the parking facilityalso to give transparency to the owner of and the overrun height of the elevator towers had to be limited.how the project is trending, Pendergrass We were literally coming up to inches underneath the flight path,summarizes.which has a decent buffer, Pendergrass says. But really, it almostMike Brunette, national sales director feels like you can reach out and touch the planes. Given the heightfor HUB Parking Technology, considers it restrictions, the design team had to be very deliberate with its floor- important to welcome collaboration withMIKE BRUNETTEto-floor heights while also keeping in mind that the pedestrian bridges had to connect to the structure on the second floor. Baez notes that Genslers big challenge was encouraging the airport team to deviate from the original proposal to create a better, more forward-looking option. They were really open to it once they saw the potential, he reflects. AVIATION SOLUTIONSSwinerton worked with Los Angeles World Airports personnel to help achieve whatTHAT KEEP PASSENGERS LAX wanted and stay within the budget,MOVING FORWARD.while also adding new amenities requested during the design process. Its always moreFrom complex hangar facilities and baggage handling systems of a challenge later in the design process,to luxury airline lounges and passenger ticketing stations, you Goodermote acknowledges. But it wascan rest easy knowing that with Swinertons employee-owners nothing that wasnt able to be overcomebehind your aviation project, peace of mind is built in.and ultimately provide the airport leadership what they wanted for their patrons and passengers. Lessons LearnedKey project principals speak highly of the progressive design-build method and its collaborative, adaptable nature. Goodermote says the process helped the team at LAX make decisions to stay within the confines of the budget. The contract structure encourages collaboration and cohesion of the team and shared risk and responsibility at the early stages in the job, so that decision making can be informed, collaborative and expeditious, he explains. That is critical to trying to deliver a large infrastructure job for an airport of any size or scale.Pendergrass says that having the design team, contractor and airport collaborating from day one was extremely beneficial and helped build trust. He is also enthusiastic about the value of co-locating team members. Its just amazing what can happen when you get everyone together in the same room or office area consistently, he remarks. Co-locating allowed the team to gain a great understanding of the project while AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'