b'In addition to installing all-gender restrooms, the airport 64 MCI TERMINALSis equipping mens restrooms with baby changing stations. Both of the quiet rooms were the direct result of input from local residents, special interest groups and airport staff. An MCI Image by From the Ground Up Photographyemployee with a child on the autism spectrum provided honest, detailed feedback about proposed design features for the sensory and meditation/quiet rooms. Local dementia advocacy groups provided insight about how designers could make the overall terminal environment more inclusive for those with dementia, too. Simple things matter, like soft seating and mobile companion seating, Pierce comments. Its not a complete re-thinking of the terminal, but listening to those who will use it and finding progressive amenity. Low lights, soft surfaces and appealingsolutions. textures/fabrics are used to set the tone. Restrooms for AllThe new terminal will also include a meditation/quiet room. TheThe most forward-thinking change in the new terminal may be its team worked with the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council toall-gender restrooms. Once again, the project team and airport staff ensure it would be appropriate for all religions and travelers. turned to the community for input, this time the LGBT Chamber of Some airport operators have created chapels in terminalsCommerce of Kansas City and LGBT+ Commission. Meyer says to serve their passengers, but we feel this is the best of boththe new restrooms increase flexibility and offer a more equitable worlds, Meyer says. Whether someone wants to roll out a prayerexperience for all. rug for one experience or roll out a yoga mat for a different kindIn recent years, some airports have added small locking family of experience, this will serve passengers needing a little sensoryrestrooms to supplement traditional mens and womens facilities deprivation. March | April 2022AirportImprovement.com'