b'FACILITIESSJC 69for the associated facility improvements. So Jennings and SJCPHOTO: CHILDRENS DISCOVERY MUSEUM OF SAN JOSEpersonnel approached Hensel Phelps, a general contractor already working at the airport. I had no idea they were going to be able to help us get so many pro bono contributions from subcontractors, Jennings recalls. It was like a barn raising, with everybody in the community coming together. (See opposite page for donor list.)Jennings notes that the childrens museum frequently needs to fundraise, but the project at SJC had a unique appeal. Its all those people who remember what it was like traveling with kids, she reasons. When Jennings began assembling a list of potential local donors, she quickly thought about Zoom, due to its strong presence around San Joseincluding at the airport. (Its also located just one block from the childrens museum.) Theresa Geis, brand advertising manager for Zoom, notes that the company hasPlay equipment and activities advertised at SJC on and off since at least 2016.explore the theme of flight.We like to keep a local brand presence, Geis explains. San Jose is the headquarters of ourand to ride an airplane, and theyre pretty excited when they get to the company, and our employees and customersairport, Jennings explains. They have a lot of excess energy. At the love to see the brand out in the community. THERESA GEISsame time, the parents are exhausted by the time they get through Ashwin Ballal, senior vice president and chief information officer atsecurity. Medallia, personally reached out to one of his contacts, Zoom CEOMuseum personnel designed exhibits that encourage children to Eric S. Yuan, about sponsoring a new play space at SJC. Yuan, inget the wiggles out before boarding; architects included space for turn, connected his companys chief marketing officer and brandparents to regroup and relax while supervising their children at play. team with Jennings, and they immediately wanted to help support the initiative. Its very important for Zoom to be involved in the local San Jose community, and theres a special spot in our hearts for children, Geis explains. To help make their vision a reality, SJC and Childrens DiscoveryENTER THEMuseum reached out to Hensel Phelps, which led the airports $1.3 billion terminal improvement project that opened in 2010. MoreIDEA CORNER recently, the firm has also been involved in adding six more airside gates and building a new economy parking garage and lot. WeveCONTESThad a very long, good relationship with Hensel Phelps, says Day.WIN CASH PRIZES!Hensel Phelps not only agreed to perform the project pro bono,GET RECOGNIZED BY YOUR PEERS!but the general contractor also leveraged its wide network of trade partners and recruited 15 subcontractors toNew ideas offer solutions to important issues pertaining to snow participate at no cost or significantly reducedremoval and the many tasks associated with it! The International AviationSnowSymposiumconductsanIdeaCorner,whichis prices. Fentress Architects, who was alsofashioned after the American Association of Airport Executives Idea the architect for Terminal B at SJC, broughtCorner held at the Annual Conference each year. Our Idea Corner is expertise in airports and civic buildings such asopen to anyone in airport management, operations or maintenance. courthouses and museums to the table. EmilyJudging is by ballot during the Snow Symposium. First place will Finch, a senior associate at Fentress, notes thatreceive $300, second place will receive $200 and third place will receive $100.the design team collaborated on the project remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.EMILY FINCH Ideas that are entered are displayed on a continuous loop on a video screen throughout the event. Your submissions should be uploaded While Fentress designed the structure, museum personnelvia the form link below. The video you submit will need to be no designed the exhibits that would occupy it. For the design of thelonger than 90 seconds and should include the development and walls, ceilings and floors, we wanted to make a home for what theoperation of your product. The video can be taken using your phone museum was creating for the kids, Finch says. Their exhibit designor video camera and may be a collection of video clips.Please note this video needs to be submitted in a YouTube format no later than ideas inspired what we did with our architecture for the space. March 31, 2022.Planning and ExecutionThe project team focused on creating a space that would simultaneously engage the motor skills and cognitive skills of childrenENTER THE IDEA CORNER CONTESTunder the age of 8. Its so exciting for young kids to go to the airportWWW.SNOWSYMPOSIUM.ORG/IDEA-CORNERAirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'