b'In addition to installing 500PARKINGLAX 23electric vehicle charging stations, the airport added The omniQ vehicleinfrastructure that allows it to recognition system readsmonetize them in the future.license plates, identifies state jurisdiction of each plate and can recognize the make and color of vehicles to confirm pre-booked reservations, thusJOHN WHITEMANeliminating the need for tickets. John Whiteman, executive director of parking and mobility sales for the company, describes the result as a frictionless experience for travelers and notes that the omniQ VRS systems have been deployed in 45 large U.S. airports from coast to coast. Whiteman notes that nonreflective coatings on some special edition license plates can prove challenging for traditional infrared license plate recognition systems to read. To prevent issues at LAX with Californias popular 1960s Vintage Legacy Plates and new custom yellow-on-black replica plates, omniQ added white light color illumination to boost the recognition accuracy for the cameras used in its standard license plate reader system. Due to relatively short entry lanes at the new Economy Parking Facility, omniQ and HUB Parking created a post-capture environment to collect vehicle and license data after vehicles pass the entry kiosks. At exit stations, cameras collect such data before vehicles reach the kiosk, match it to prepaid reservations and transient paid tickets then open the gate in less than two seconds. The systems impressive speed and accuracy increases vehicle throughput and reduces idling and associated carbon emissions, notes Whiteman. Adams adds that the Park Assist M4 system helps reduce carbon emissions within the facility because drivers spend less time driving to search for spaces to park. The system, from TKH Security, uses smart sensors, overhead lights and dynamic signage to communicate the number of spaces available on each level of the structure. Real-time occupancy data is also fed to parking maps on the LAX website, further reducing the amount of time travelers spend finding a parking spot.Another element that supports the airports focus on sustainability is robust infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV). The new Economy Parking structure includes more than 500 PowerFlex EV charging spaces, bringing AirportImprovement.comMarch | April 2022'