b'AIRPORTIMPROVEMENT.COM01|02 2023PHOTO: DRG DEVELOPMENT RESOURCE GROUP PHOTO: VANCOUVER AIRPORT AUTHORITY PHOTO: CAMERON DAVIDSON/CAMERONDAVIDSON.COMCharlotte-Douglas Intl Begins $3.1 Billion Expansion Amid More Passenger Growth New Taxiway at Myrtle Beach IntlVancouver Intl Expands Intl Pier to Accommodate More PassengersAIRPORT STORIES INSIDE: AZA|CLT|CNY|IAD|IND|GRR|MIA|MYR|ONT|RBO|SFB|YVRNew Control Tower Sparks Growth at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway,Opens Pathway for Other Airports With Contract Towers Long-Awaited Rail Extension at Washington Dulles'