b'8 YVR TERMINALSVancouver Intl Expands Intl Pierto Accommodate More Passengers BY KRISTEN RINDFLEISCHVancouver International Airportcapacity needed to meet YVRs growingConstruction and Engineering(YVR) opened its Pier D expansiontraffic while also improving the passengerPlanners added the new expansion of in June 2022, adding eight newexperience. Our expanded internationalPier D on an apron at the end of the international wide-body departure gates.terminal incorporates the latest advancesinternational terminal (Pier D), essentially From a practical standpoint, the projectin operationalgiving the project team a greenfield site. was Vancouver Airport Authoritys way ofexcellence, passengerYVR had been using the area for de-keeping pace with growth in internationalexperience, climateicing, ground equipment and cargo, so it traffic. In doing so, it also enhancedand accessibilityalldid not require environmental mitigation. passenger facilities and added designof which are coreStarting in December 2017, construction features, including an open-air glassto who we are andmanager PCL Constructors Westcoast atrium with live trees, active tidal pools andhow we operate atInc. worked with the airport to relocate audio and visual effects unique to BritishYVR, says Christophde-icing operations further west, disperse Columbia.Rufenacht, viceCHRISTOPH RUFENACHTground equipment and create a temporary A consultant team began working onpresident of Airport Development andcargo center adjacent to the expansion the Pier D expansion at the end of 2016.Asset Optimization for Vancouver Airportbefore construction could begin. Ground By the end of 2019, with construction stillAuthority.improvements for the expansion were underway, YVR approached 27 millionLike other capital projects at YVR,needed to prevent liquefaction under annual passengersfive years aheadthe $220 million Pier D expansion wasseismic loading.of previous projections. In the end, thefunded through a combination of AirportContractors built a large, insulated project was the airports largest terminalAuthority capital, debentures and airporthoarding wall to separate the existing expansion since 1996.improvement fees. As a non-share capitalbuilding from the construction site and Measuring more than 226,000 squareorganization, Vancouver Airport Authorityminimize the impact on passengers. As feet, the Pier D expansion was designedreinvests profits back into YVR to improvepart of a separate project and to help to provide extra infrastructure andfacilities, enhance services and supportmaximize passenger capacity during community initiatives. construction, PCL also constructed a January | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'