b'ONE DELIVERABLE THAT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN CLOSEOUT QR CODE SMART ROOMSSMART ROOMS TIE O&M MANUALS AND/OR TRAINING VIDEOS TO PHOTO VIEWS WHAT WE DO Run your project audit readySPEC SHEET SPEC SHEET SPEC SHEETDefend your contractSPEC SHEETDisruptorSPEC SHEET VIDEO Protect your budgetVIDEO Eliminate unwanted change ordersSPEC SHEETAll data linked to referring documentsSPEC SHEETDigital Librarians Support all function (DIL)CHAT WITH OUR TEAM Your data Delivered Smart to all stakeholdersAll data being used is for example purposes only. This MSP Smartroom is Human Enabled AInot directly related to the KCI Airport or any of its affiliates. For further details and information please visit the website listed below.Closeout built from day one Collaborative Gatekeeper of all data 3rd Party CustodianShelley Armato | CEOWWW.MYSMARTPLANS.COMMySmartPlansAd_AIJF23_V10.indd 1 1/5/23 10:29 AM'