b'TERMINALSCLT 35A signage and wayfinding master plan designed by Gresham Smith is being executed to reduce confusion and complexityAirport officials stressed the importance of sustaining during the terminal expansion. We have an overall roadmap forcapacity and full operations throughout construction. dealing with wayfinding at the airport, and weve applied that process and set of requirements to every phase of construction, says Rayfield. Messaging is also a big part of that, adds Ben Goebel, a Gresham Smith principal. We worked a lot with the airport to identify when the pain points of the project were going to occurwhen we would run into issues that may impact the passenger experience,he relates. BEN GOEBELAn in-terminal Pardon Our Dust campaign is proactively keeping travelers informed throughout the project. The airport is also using social media to update the public on progress. Setting the StageBefore beginning the lobby project, CLT completed two other projects that pushed the terminal curbside operations north to create space needed for the expansion. In addition to building an hourly/rental car parking deck in 2015, it also moved the elevated Planning and Design|Program & Construction Management|Facilities Management|IT|Asset Management SERVICES PROVIDED ON THIS PROJECT:Special Systems Design andEngineering Including: Access Control CCTV Passenger Processing Systems Security Checkpoint Design EVIDS Public Address ICT and structured cabling systems Wi-Fi Photos Courtesy of Passenger Information Systems Charlotte Douglas Including Passenger Analytics International AirportLEARN MORE ABOUT THIS PROJECT: aroraengineers.com/project/CLT-TLERethinking Infrastructure Atlanta|Baltimore|Boston|Charlotte|Chicago|Dallas|Los Angeles|Nashville|New York|Orlando|Philadelphia| St. Petersburg |San JoseAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'