b'TERMINALSYVR 11YVR also added elevated design features and amenities. Forthroughout the new space in Pier D. I believe instance, holdroom seating for the eight new gates includesthat YVR and the design team are industry power/charging outlets. And a new public zone features retailleaders when it comes to accommodating shops, a food court and casual soft seating. Concessionsthe needs of all passengers, notes PCL scheduled to open in Spring 2023 include a Paradies newsstand,ManagerBritish Columbia Interior Rick Dufry duty-free unit, a pay-to-use Plaza Premium Lounge andFernandes. Travel can be stressful for many vending machines. people, and helping ease passenger anxiety Above the center of the new area is a public lounge. It includeshas always been a priority for YVR. RICK FERNANDESopen lounge seating with power for recharging electronic devices, recliners, a yoga studio for up to four people, a multi-faith prayerSense of Placeroom and a quiet room for those with sensory challenges. TwoStern notes that YVR was one of the first airports to embrace childrens play areas include stacked logs, sea creatures andthe importance of instilling a sense of place within its facilities. other play structures, with a design theme that evokes BritishThe design of the first major expansion that opened in 1996 was Columbia beaches. influenced by the YVR Thematic Master Plan, and YVR committed to use stories of the natural landscape and significant communities Enhanced restroom designs include standard mens andacross the province to influence the design and the passenger womens facilities plus six private accessible restrooms, twoexperience, she explains. The interior finishes of each pier at accessible nursing rooms, two accessible pet relief rooms and athe airport reflect a thematic story about a specific part of British Changing Places private accessible restroom, which is designedColumbia, and most piers include an indigenous art installation. to support guests with multiple and complex disabilities whoYVR is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of require an overhead hoist system and height-adjustable adult- the Musqueam People, Stern notes.sized changing bench to use the restroom safely and comfortably. The strong emphasis on the passenger experience is evidentThe original Pier D includes a concession area with a creek and three-story saltwater aquarium that showcases local AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'