b'20 GRROPERATIONSThe new airport operations center includes airside and landside access.STRIKER VOLTERRA HYBRID ELECTRIC VEHICLE INCREASED RESPONSE.DECREASED CARBON EMISSIONS.could make their workstations better, she explains. It wasChallenges du Jourvery employee-driven to find the upgrades for furniture andAs with most construction in the past couple years, the project technology that made sense. at GRR encountered delays caused by supply chain disruptions. Key elements include new Samsung video screens, sit/standLabor shortages and increased material costs were also prevailing desks manufactured and installed by Evans Consoles, and otherissues. In fact, right after general contractor Pioneer Construction furnishings from Haworth.won the project bid, its delivery time for steel joists doubled from 20 weeks to 40 weeks. Moreover, a pair of 150-kVA diesel generators the facility needs to ensure operations during power outages, were scheduled to arrive by early summer 2022, but they didnt get delivered and installed until October.Ross Geurink, a project manager with Pioneer, reports that careful and copious amounts of planning in the early stages and throughout construction helped keep the overall project on schedule. Sometimes, the team had to switch to alternative suppliers. Geurink adds that the extensive and intricate technology systems being installed made it vital for all subcontractors involved in the project to maintain clear and continuous communication. The Striker Volterra Hybrid Electric Vehicle increases your response while It starts even before were on board with the architect, whosimultaneously helping reduce its carbon footprint. Get the same con guration had a technology consultant to help design the bid documents, Aviation Planning and Designhe explains. Its important to know which work categories willand operation as our non-electric Striker ARFF but with a 28% improvement for over 70 Years complete which scope of work. Once they started getting thisin acceleration while decreasing emissions, fuel consumption and noise. equipment procured, we scheduled system integration meetingsThe Striker Volterra ARFFengineered for those driven to respond.Delivering Sustainable, Integrated Solutions to talk with those folks so we had a plan in place for when we started actually installing this equipment. Our main role is to helpOSHKOSH PATENTED DESIGNNFPA 414 & ICAO COMPLIANTAirside/Landside/ facilitate communication between all the different trades. We Facilities need to understand the system and bring the different expertsDRIVEN TO RESPOND.together to make sure everything functions correctly.Keeping all airport teams operational while transitioning to the chacompanies.com#theCHAway new facility also required ingenuity. During the three days while key communication equipment was moved to the new facility, Paul Puckli Mike DeVoy, PE airport staff worked with mobile radios stacked on carts. It 703.625.4889 317.780.7232 wasnt ideal, but they made it work, says Lucas. ppuckli@chacompanies.com mdevoy@chacompanies.com2022 OSHKOSH CORPORATION. Oshkosh, the Oshkosh logo, Striker, Striker logo and Striker Volterra are trademarks of Oshkosh Corporation, Oshkosh WI, USA. oshkoshairport.comJanuary | February 2023AirportImprovement.comCHA_Consulting_Inc_AirportImprovementJAN_FEB_2023_QuarterPageAdv_FINAL.indd 1 12/27/2022 11:19:31 PM21828_PrintAd_StrikerVolterra_HybridFocus_v5.indd 1 9/15/22 10:28 AM'