b'TERMINALSYVR 13home. The glass atrium enclosure includes exterior landscapinginstallations and building elements were all strategically placed to and an outdoor deck area for passengers. The outdoor atriumreinforce passenger flows to holdrooms, he adds.allows passengers to have one last breath of fresh air before a long flight, notes the Airport Authoritys Rufenacht.The Digital ExperienceInside, the atrium is surrounded by 10 tree-like mass timberThe open-air atrium is based on a mythical island in British Columbia, columns with steel connection castings that support the featureand an extensive digital system displays vignettes of stormy skies, roof, which is angled to the sun to maximize sun exposure of thesunsets and wildlife to tell its story. Videos are projected onto the trees within the outdoor space. The [locally-made] massive woodceiling, over the tidal pools and onto glass screens surrounding columns serve a practical purpose but also lend the space warmththe island to create an immersive digital experience throughout the and an unexpected building material that is surrounded by tons ofspaces. EOS Lightmedia helped YVR select the technology, LED steel and glass, Fernandes remarks. panels, glass panel screens and projectors for the project, with Creacom Services Inc. providing the concepts and content stories Kelp is a significant underwater plant in the region, so designersfor the digital experience. incorporated its bright green palette. In the passageway that leads to the remote stand area, kelp imagery encompasses theThe system displays more than 25 stories about the mythical circulation space, and then continues downward and transitionsislands forests, coastline and water features via video loops into a ceiling feature. Descending into the tidal waters and athat run 24/7. And its a multi-faceted, multi-sensory production: mystical kelp forest down at the apron level, passengers experienceLED displays on the Level 4 arrivals walkway facing the atrium the ebb and flow of kelp as an intuitive wayfinding spine that directsare activated when arriving passengers walk past the screens; passengers to gate counters, Nogger relates. Downstairs, theprojection lights with gobos (stenciled disks) illuminate the ceiling bright green palette was used for the restrooms as well, and thewith images of local nature and landscapes; seating areas around sea theme is continued in a nearby childrens play space with threethe atrium include soundscapes; lights illuminate the outdoor trees; sea creatures. On the upper departure level, carpet patterns, artprojectors activate screens across the tidal pools with visuals; and ai167155743459_ACI-NA-Halfpage-JAN-2023.pdf 1 12/20/22 9:30 AM full-height LED screens on the atrium glass project visuals as well. CMYCMMYCYCMYKAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'