b'Salt air and high summer temperatures at 50 MIA SECURITY Miami Intl provide harsh environmental conditions for testing systems. Given the potential for possible problems, TSA is focusing on detect, track and identify (DTI) equipment. Specifically, its Drone Detection Technologies Program aims to:determine whether drones are operating in restricted airspace; i dentify drones that pose a threat to airport operations;notify the airport authority of unauthorized drones and vet potential DTI equipment. There are over 300 vendors in this space, Bamberger advises. Most airport authorities lack the wherewithal or background to determine if the equipment works. The TSAs role is to validate and verify vendor claims and make determinations on the equipments effectiveness and suitability in an airport environment. Why Miami? After TSA officially launched the program in 2020, the agency approached MIA about becoming its first test site. As a Category X airport, MIA has high-volume cargo and passenger traffic to provide a rigorous evaluation environment, and the federal agency already had a Memorandum of Understanding with it for previous projects. Moreover, the new drone detection program dovetails nicely with an ongoing project TSA began at MIA in 2018 to evaluate perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence technologies. Horizontally, perimeter security detects vehicles, unauthorized passengers and people reaching the perimeter gates, Bamberger explains. The new drone program adds a vertical piece to airport security.Being selected for the new drone program speaks to MIAs reputation as a ready and willing host for TSA pilot programs over the CUSTOM TENSION FABRIC BUILDINGS last 15 years, adds Hatfield. SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE.When serving as Federal Security RAPID INSTALLATION. Director at MIA from 2007 to 2014, Hatfield volunteered the airport for as many TSA opportunities as possible. Its a great way to Fully Customizable Concept to Installation motivate the workforce and become a part of Fast-Track Construction Patented Attachment System the future, he comments. In-House Engineering Relocatable These days, Hatfield is on the airport operations side, but still sees the value in TSA partnerships. Im keen to promote and nurture Call for more information, or to receive a quoteour relationship with the TSA, he remarks. 877.259.1528| LEGACYBUILDINGSOLUTIONS.COM Floridas mild winters allow agency personnel to test drone detection and tracking January | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'