b'56 AZAOPERATIONSAfter researching the matter, Biggsthat AZAs successful push to eliminate the $2 Contractors topped the 120-foot-tallrecognized AZAs challenge was indeed real.million cap will help other small airports with base tower with a controller cabin and other facilities for workers. So he and his colleagues went to work tocontract towers pursue funding for needed make changes. Everyone in the delegationinfrastructure improvements.was all-in on this, he recalls. The FAA was with us every step of the way The $2 million cap was removed as part ofto make sure what we were building, what we the FAA Reauthorization Bill passed in Octoberwere planning to build, was sufficientwhat we 2018. Two years later, Rep. Greg Stanton, aneeded, not what we wanted, ONeill specifies. Democrat from Arizonas 4th CongressionalIf theres a fit, a need and an ability to make District, helped secure $10 million in FAAit happen, possibly others will benefit from the discretionary grants to fund AZAs new tower.hard work [accomplished] during our process.In a press release issued at the time, StantonBeyond that, Biggs notes that adding capacity said it was critical for the airport to keep paceat AZA and other relievers benefits an increasingly with the regions growth. He also praised thecongested National Airspace System. Not only FAA saying, Delivering on this commitmentare we relieving from the Phoenix metro area, is a win for the East Valley and for the entirebut even in some instances from (airports in) Phoenix region. Southern California, he explains.AZA eventually received roughly $28 millionIronically, AZAs recent successes could in federal support for the tower replacement.lead to its graduation from a contract tower Like Stanton, ONeill credits the FAA for itsto an FAA-managed facility. With an eye to collaborative partnership, and specificallythe future, the airport built the McCain Tower cites the Phoenix Airport District Office andto FAA specifications, and given the current the Western-Pacific Region. He also notes Improve winterproductivity with the best products and services in the industryLiquid Potassium Acetate Product Liquid Potassium Formate ProductSAE AMS1435D SAE AMS1435DTHE Solid Sodium Formate Product Unique Patented Liquid TechnologyS C I E N C E SAE AMS1431E SAE AMS1435DVisit us at www.nasi-tm.comOF 800.622.4877, Ext. 310nasi_cs@nasindustrial.comDE-ICING 2021Nachurs Alpine Solutions.All rights reserved.January | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'