b'PUBLISHERS COLUMN 7Pulling TogetherYou saw the video and pictures. Stranded travelers trying to figureCase in point: Sacramento International out how to get to their destinations for the holidays, not knowingmobilized airport employees to work with how, or when, they would arrive. Thousands of bags, separated Southwests station manager and staff to store from their owners, sitting in airports across the country.unclaimed bags and prevent theft. But thats Christmas 2022 was a disaster for our entire industry. Thenot all it did. The airport brought in food trucks Southwest Airlines Christmas meltdown tarnished the reputation that provided free meals to travelers and of the airline, and also gave a black eye to the aviation industry airport workers during the tumult. It also had as a whole.a local musician singing in the baggage claimPAUL BOWERS, PUBLISHERarea. Theres nothing like soothing acoustic In the eyes of the general public, theres little distinction betweenguitar and a sandwich with a cheesy name to bring down every-responsible parties. When passengers are stuck in airports with noones stress level. idea of where theyll spend the night, or when theyll get home, we all suffer. We all are looked upon with suspicion as part of a systemLets be clear, mistakes happen; and the Christmas meltdown that doesnt function, or worse, doesnt seem to care. by Southwest Airlines was a doozy. But stories that come to light like that of Sacramento International serve as a reminder that our But we all know that this isnt true. We do carefrom the localindustry also has a lot to be proud of.Southwest baggage handlers and station managers to the airports that ended up hosting overnight guests. This was not a time toHeres to a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2023. point fingers or lay blame; rather we did the best we could to makeCheersthings better.#1water blasting choice for airportsrubber removal, paint removal, paint rejuvenation, terminal cleaningnew innovations from hogwww.TheHog.comAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'