b'PASSENGER TRANSPORTIAD27Virginia region. Everyone just kept that in mind so that no matterPHOTO: CAMERON DAVIDSON/CAMERONDAVIDSON.COMwhat problem was in front of us, were all trying to do this thing that matters.Elman agrees that coordination and collaboration were crucial. These large infrastructure projects take a significant amount of time and effort, he says. I dont think the general public quite appreciates what goes into the magnitude of these endeavorsthe number of people, the number of stakeholders who have to weigh in on all the decisions that need to be made. Its not just on the location or design of facilities, but the way they operate and the way they interface with the broader communities.Although the process took decades, Golinowski says the significance of the project helped keep people on track. Everybody came to the table, and they came with solutions, he says. It was really refreshing to see that, because a lot of times, on these big projects, people have their backs up against the wall and they refuse to budge. But that never really happened. EverybodyThe new Metro station connects to the terminal with moving walkwayswanted to get it done. For 60 years weve been talking about this,and an existing climate-controlled pedestrian tunnel. and I think people realized that no matter what, we had to finish it. ever since. During the Silver Lines first three weeks of operation, The first train pulled into the Metro station at IAD to great fanfarethe airport station was the most used in the entire systemon Nov. 15. The opening came just in time for the impending surgeaccounting for more than a third of riders. With that kind of traffic, it of Thanksgiving travelers, and the new facility has been bustlingmay be just the ticket for fast-track growth at IAD. URBAN STARTS WITH YOUProviding design and construction support services to airports across the countryCivil/site design and project managementConstruction coordination with owner and design-builderBIM/Civil 3D modeling and clash detection for site workValue engineering, scheduling and estimatingUtility service connection coordinationurbanengineers.comFounded 1960 | Employee OwnedThe Newark Liberty International Airport ConRAC (photo credit: Serdar Kayman)AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'