b'SECURITYMIA 53So far, RFID technology has risen to the top, which didBut those features will take time. Before we can assure not surprise TSA personnel because drones use RFID toanybody that a drone is operating in restricted airspace, we have communicate with their controllers. However, if drones operateto be confident that we are detecting, tracking and identifying autonomously without radio frequency communication, RFID doesproperly, Bamberger emphasizes. During our test phase, we not work.notified law enforcement if we detected a drone, but it was up to Heat signature/thermal technologies have also tested well, butthem to follow any procedures after that notification. Currently, we they do not differentiate between drones and other objects in theare not testing mitigation, just detection.sky such as aircraft and wildlife. Radar has similar drawbacks.Mitigation technology will be addressed in the future. The best answer will be a layered approach, BambergerFor now, Hatfield looks forward to adding new technologies advises. We are now layering these systems to discover theto MIAs toolbox based on the programs test results. I have best approach. So, we combine the best RFID with the bestevery expectation that UAS detection technology is on the future thermal, with the best acoustic and the best visual to get as muchhorizon for this airport, he reports. Technology drives safety, and information as we can. Its important to not only test individualthats the airports primary focus.equipment but to put them together to assess a system ofIn fact, MIA was one of the first U.S. airports to deploy body systems to develop the best solution. scanner technologies, and automated screening lanes. Next Steps We have quite a laundry list of areas to address, and we What remains to be seen is what MIA and other airports can doleave no stone unturned with advanced technology, Hatfield with these discoveries. For Hatfield, the goal is real-time detection,concludes. Our director has made it very clear that he wants to communication, dispatch and interdiction. Beyond that, he lookscontinue to nurture the reputation MIA has of being a technology forward to vetted technology with the ability to repel or disableinnovation leader. threatening drones electronically.AIRPORT PROJECTS. WEVE GOT YOU COVERED NEW LED TECHNOLOGYRUNWAY CLOSURE MARKERSLONG LASTING LED | FAA CERTIFIED | MADE IN AMERICA Low Profile Barricade No Tools NeededRunway Closure Markers800.525.8876 | SHERWININDUSTRIESINC.COMAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'