b'AIRFIELD MYR 47Summers installed two concrete plants on site to accelerateA new airfield electrical vault was designed and installed to work and ensure material supply throughout the project even ifreplace the airports old vault, which remained from the airfields one plant had to shut down. military days. It was very old, small and in need of significant repairs, says Sander. The new precast vault provides adequate Side Benefits room for the airports existing and future needs including a new Converting the former taxiway into an airside service roademergency generator adjacent to the new vault.provided infrastructure MYR sorely needed. Previously, there wasOther related elements include new fiber optic runs to the no room for a service road, so sometimes airport vehicles hadair traffic control tower and new home runs from the vault to all to drive on the taxiway. This is a huge increase in safety, saysthe airfield systems, including new LED edge lights and airfield Sander.guidance signage.The airport also gained valuable space for a terminalLooking back on the project as a whole, Dunne emphasizes expansion project that is currently in the design phase. Sincethe value of a contractor information workshop the airport contractors were already pouring concrete for the taxiwayheld early in the design process. We needed that contractor reconstruction, airport officials decided to add a new apron infeedback prior to advertising this project, and to get contractor the area earmarked for terminal growth. About 20,300 squarebuy-in on actual constructability, he explains.yards of concrete was poured to create the new apron, which connects to the new taxiway. Currently, the airport is usingSpeaking from the concrete contractors perspective, Mullis the new apron for hardstand overnight parking and irregularsays good attitudes from all team members is what made operations.the project work so well. There was no us versus them at all, he recalls. Some construction projects have adversarial Dunne notes that gate schedules were revised during apronrelationships, and thats not in the best interest of anyone. This construction, but no airlines were displaced because the airportwas a real team effort. And, Myrtle Beach is one of the best-run has common-use gates. We did have to move the taxi lane andairports weve worked at. It was a very successful job, and a lot a non-movement line as well for a short time, notes Sander. of people deserve a lot of credit for it. SCHIBECIPP600 MICRO PLANERStripe & Marking Removal SystemNO GHOST LINES | NO TRACEHIGH PRODUCTION RATES | LOW OPERATING COSTSMOOTHNESSSince 1993, APR has provided smoothness evaluation services for the largest A&E firms and the smallest, local contractors. Experts at P-401 and P-501, APR can also produce an effective and efficient corrective action plan if needed.Sold by:Mecom Equipment LLC | 209.466.5135 | mecomsales@aol.com Contact APR Today for Your Next Paving ProjectFOR MORE INFORMATION: WWW.SCHIBECI.COM www.aprconsultants.com937-849-6795AirportImprovement.comJanuary | Febuary 2023'