b'PHOTO: CAMERON DAVIDSON/CAMERONDAVIDSON.COMPASSENGER TRANSPORTIAD23Engineering a Solution Airports Authority presented its own Although the journey to IAD just got easier,proposal to take over the toll road, and the journey to extending the Silver Lineconsequently became the project sponsor was difficult. It took more than a handful ofand a major funding partner for the rail decades, billions of dollars and scores ofproject. people.When he decided to go back to private One person whoconsulting, Elman stayed involved in the has been there sincerail project as part of Kimley-Horn in a nearly the start is Paulvariety of roles supporting MWAA on the Elman, a senior viceproject development, design oversight president with Kimley- and delivery of both project phases.Horn, a firm that provided programPAUL ELMAN Near Derailmentmanagement supportThe start of the Silver Line project dates services for both phases of the Silver Lineback to 1962, when IAD was originally project.built, and the median of the access After serving as deputy director ofhighway serving the airport was reserved engineering for the project while withfor future transit. Groundbreaking for owner agencies Virginia Department ofPhase 1 of the project occurred in 2009 Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT)and ultimately opened to revenue service and Metropolitan Washington Airportsin 2014. This phase included design and Authority (MWAA), Elman joined theconstruction of the 11.7 miles of track that Kimley-Horn program management teamruns from near East Falls Church through as manager of all planning, developmentTysons Corner to Wiehle Avenue and and environment activities for Phase 2 ofReston.the project.That part of the project was almost Elman started on the project in 1993derailed due to challenges securing as a consultant while working for thefederal funding. DRPT and MWAA applied Additional air carriers and routesDRPT, where the mission was to promotefor Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will be key to that growth. Golinowskirail and public transit service andfunding under its New Starts program reports that IAD already has seeninfrastructure projects throughout Virginia. increased interest from internationalThats when he became involved in a carriersinterest that is on a fast trackmajor study investigating various transit because of the rail connection. service options for the airport corridor.We anticipate that well start to seeIn 2000, DRPT with WMATA kickedGateKeeper CVMSsome of those carriers actually signoff the Environmental Impact StatementGround Transportation Management System Revenue generationcontracts with us for service at Dullesprocess, which resulted in the preferred Commercial Vehicle TrackingAirport in 2023, he predicts. And, overalternative: adding new rail to extend Automated Dispatchthe longer term, five to 10 years, wellthe Metro system. The project then see even more. transitioned to MWAA, which was He adds that IADs largest carrier,interested in ensuring that rail was built to the airport.GateKeeper TNC-OpsUnited Airlines, was very active in theTransportation Network CompanyManagement Systemplanning of the Silver Line project andElman and the management team at Track Every TNC Triphow the extension could impact itsDRPT then transitioned to MWAA, and he Validate Feescustomers. That includes adding newcontinued his role as deputy director of Analyze Dataroutes within the United system basedengineering for the rail project.on traffic coming through the Silver Line. During this time, the state was The rail connection is a boon forprivatizing the widened Dulles Toll Road, GateKeeper App-139airport employees, too.which was the states primary revenueAireld Inspection Software Automated InspectionsGolinowski notes that IAD has a lotsource to fund the rail project through toll Automated Work Ordersof employees who live close to Metroroad revenue. Elman explains that MWAA Visual Aireld Mapsystem stations, and theyre finding itwas concerned there was no guarantee very easy to use the Silver Line to get those revenues would stay in the corridor651-365-0700 | www.gksys.comto work. for transportation improvement. So, the AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'