b'44 MYR AIRFIELDNew Taxiway at Myrtle Beach IntlImproves Airfield Safety, FreesSpace for Terminal ExpansionBY VICTORIA SOUKUPFACTS&FIGURES Project: New Taxiway Location: Myrtle Beach (SC) IntlAncillary Work: LED taxiway lights & signage; new apron; new airside service road; new electrical vault & associated cablingTotal Cost: $60 millionMyrtle Beach International Airportdocuments, they realized project engineers Funding: FAA grants ($52 million; airport $8 million) (MYR) got three wins from onecould push the taxiway closer to the runway.project when it completed a $60In the end, the nations second busiest Construction: 1st quarter 2019-3rd quarter 2021 million taxiway reconstruction in 2021.Consultant: Delta Airport Consultantssingle-runway airport got the new taxiway Taxiway A, which ran parallel to MYRsit sorely needed, and also netted two other Concrete Contractor: Summers Concretesole runway and served its commercialvaluable improvements: an airside service Contracting terminal, was one of the few remainingroad (also sorely needed) and space for Geotechnical Engineer: S&ME vestiges of a former military base.future terminal expansion where the old Electrical Engineer: Ohmega Translation: It was old, and the asphalttaxiway used to be. Electrical Vault Mfg: Smith-Columbiapavement had shoving, rutting, cracking andBreck Dunne, director Taxiway Edge Lights: Crouse-Hinds spalling. Maintenance was seemingly alwaysof airport development in process, sometimes completely closingat MYR, notes that the LED Signage: Lumacurve portions of the key taxiway to traffic. Pavement Markings: HASCO new taxiway has 30- to Knowing something had to be done,40-year pavement life Of Note: New taxiway is located closer to runway,MYR officials opted to build an entirely newto serve commercial freeing space for new vehicle service road & futuretaxiway. While reviewing airport planningcarriers and other traffic. terminal expansion BRECK DUNNEJanuary | Febuary 2023AirportImprovement.com'