b'TERMINALSSFB 63This project impacted virtually every areaDomino Effectof the terminal, so we wanted a firm thatDual ticketing areas used to create was comfortable with isolating and thenconfusion for passengers. There was one reopening specific areas, such as ticketingin the former Terminal A on the west side counters or baggage claim areas. of the terminal, and another on the east Its hard to count how many phasesside in what was called Terminal B. Often, there were in all, he continues. Therepassengers didnt know which to use. were a lot of moving pieces. But weTo make things easier for passengers, had a fantastic contractor that made aSFB officials moved all ticketing tremendously complicated project veryoperations to the west end of the complex manageable. and expanded the ticketing area by aboutThe airport added three new baggage Each primary phase of the project also14,000 square feet. claim carousels.was broken down into mini-phases toThat move created enough vacantPlus we now have enough space for avoid disrupting operations. For example,space on the east end of the terminaltwo more lanes, which positions us for to consolidate the ticketing operations,to expand baggage claim operations byfuture expansion, he adds.the new facilities were built first, thenadding three carousels made by Logan operations were moved there so the newlyTeleflex (now owned by Daifuku). ThatThe new terminal design also blended vacated area could be renovated. doubled the airports domestic baggageTerminal A and Terminal B into one Thats just one example of howhandling capability, to six carouselsterminal. The new configuration includes things were done to work around thefrom three. The airport also has twoa distinct wayfinding cue that leads renovations, Speake says. international baggage carousels.passengers from one end of the structure to the other: tile flooring that sharply Moreover, merging the two previouslycontrasts with carpeted seating areas.More Gates Needed separate ticketing areas provided the Before the recent project, a shortageopportunity for SFB to do the same forIts more intuitive than it was before, of gates for the airports primary carrier,screening operations. Airport officials alsoSpeake observes. Its kind of a follow-Allegiant Air, created a pinch point foropted to install an additional lane. Beforethe-yellow-brick-road concept. passengers. The airline used to have 14 tothe comprehensive renovations, SFB had 15 scheduled departures during a 1- totwo passenger screening areas, with fiveExterior Changes, Too2-hour time window in the morning, butlanes in one and two lanes in the other.The project included exterior components there were only 12 gates, which created aSometimes that created staffing issues forthat reduced traffic congestion by the crush of passengers.the TSA, notes Speake. terminal that was created by a narrow So we added four gates to handlefrontage area in front of the building. those departures, says Speake. Since that time, however, those departures have been spread out throughout the day. And that createsChecked Baggage Inspection and Baggage Handling Systemsroom for more airlines in addition toCheckpoint Passenger and Property Screening Systemsour three carriers, Swoop, Flair Airlines Master Planning Installation and Integration Servicesand Allegiant. System Design Testing and Commissioning SupportThe new gates extend from a large Construction Administration Third-Party Testinghold area on the east side of the terminal. Most of the existing gates were located on the west end of the terminal, off a narrow holding area that couldnt be expanded because of constraints between a taxiway to the north and a building on the south side of the terminal.VTCs Arlington, Tx Airport Integration Test LabMoving more passengers to theWe Are Hiring!east side of the terminal helped ease terminal congestion, Speake notes. VTC is seeking qualied Project Managers for Baggage Handling and Aviation Passenger Security Projects.Please send resumes to: kdickerson@vtc.us.com3751 New York Avenue, Suite 140Arlington, Texas 76014USAT. 817-557-5600 www.vtc.us.comAirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'