b'TERMINALSCLT 37Blue Portals for intuitive wayfinding and public art are key design features.Visiontron AI ad-121322_FINAL.pdf 1 12/13/22 8:15 AMguests with a clear view of where they are in the building and where they need to be.A new mezzanine area will allow customers to enter the building via a skybridge from the parking structure. The new flow will give passengers a view across the entire lobby, allowing them to see where they need to go and, again, providing intuitive wayfinding. Its going to be very obvious, Christine says. What youre looking for is going to be right in front ofCyou.MAnother defining visual element in theYnew terminal lobby is the ribbon, a long, CMwhite stripe that runs across the top of the ticketing counters and extends into theMYsecurity checkpoint space. Its an exampleCYof intuitive wayfinding and one of the visualCMYcues that will help lead passengers to Kdifferent points along their journey, explains Rayfield.In partnership with the local Arts and Science Council, CLT commissioned multiple pieces of artwork for the Terminal Lobby Expansion. Eight artists were selected to create sculptures, wall art, decorative terrazzo and other works to AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'