b'42 CNY PARKINGabout where to mail payment. If a citation is not paid within 30happy because its quick to use, remarks Andrea Erwin, a days, SP+ turns it over to a collection agency. CNY landside operations technician.To document a violation, an airport worker takes multipleIt is important for parkers who have downloaded the time-stamped photos of the vehicle showing what date andparking.com app to enter the zone number for CNY. If they time it was in the parking lot. Even if a customer loses (ordont put in the zone number, then it wont let them pay, Erwin supposedly loses) the citation, a record of the violation stays innotes. As long as travelers scan the QR code, send a text the SP+ Sphere Commerce Enforcement system and appearsto the phone number on the parking signs or enter the zone in documentation SP+ provides to the airport. Informationnumber, it links right to the system and makes it quick and is available within an online dashboard and reporting portal,easy, she adds. and airport administration can void or discount violations asBecause the system did not require any new gates or necessary. additional infrastructure, the project team did not experience challenges or delays from supply chain issues. The beauty Benefits and Challenges behind the system truly is its simplicity, both from an Howland says that switching to the SP+ system has significantlyimplementation standpoint and ease of use and acceptance by improved the process of generating and collecting parkingthe customer, Finch remarks.revenue. To do it in a more efficient, less labor-intensive manner is a win for the airport, she elaborates. Overall, the easier weThe airport sees its new parking system as a tool to facilitate can make it for the customer, the better our collection rate is.growth and improve customer satisfaction while collecting much-needed parking revenue in a more efficient manner. Staff members report that feedback from travelers has beenHowland also considers it to be a great way to show visitors positive, with many describing the system as user-friendly.that CNY leadership is actively working to make the airport Weve actually had people that were super-excited and super- better. And its only going to get better from here, she adds. SEE HOW WE MAKE ITTo buy, operate, and own a top of the line striping truck.Visit ezliner.com for more information.1920 Albany Place SE|Orange City, IA51041800.373.4016|sales@ezliner.com|ezliner.comJanuary | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'