b'TERMINALSCLT 33FACTS&FIGURES Project: Terminal Lobby ExpansionLocation: Charlotte Douglas (NC) Intl AirportScope: 366,000 sq. ft. new & renovated spaceKey Components: Exterior roadway/curbside canopy; expanding baggage claim & ticketing levels; consolidating 5 security checkpoints into 3 larger, more efficient ones; 4 pedestrian walkways (2 overhead, 2 underground) between parking deck & terminal; expanded basement offices a 146,000-square-foot exteriorticket counters, eight pieces of public art,Budget: $608 millioncanopy,ample charging stations and five pre- Funding: Passenger facility charges; customer facilityoverhead and underground walkwayssecurity concessions.charge revenue; general airport revenue bonds; airport cashconnecting the terminal and parkingAnticipated Timeline: 60 monthsfacilities, Making a Plan Design: 2017-2019 i ncreasing circulation space in theExisting and growing traffic from local andConstruction Start: 2019main lobby, andhub passengers alike meant CLT couldSlated for Completion: Fall 2025a basement level for offices.not afford to take away capacity duringArchitects: Gresham Smith; K2M Designconstruction. Ensuring that affected areasConstruction Manager at Risk: Holder-EdisonIn July 2022, contractors completed theof the terminal can be fully and safelyFoard-Leeper, a joint venturenew Central Energy Plant, which housesused during the project has been critical.Program Manager: TY Lin Intlthe boilers and chillers that are heatingThat is a very significant challenge, addsCivil Engineering: Talbert, Bright & Ellingtonand cooling the entire expansion project. Christine.Structural Engineering: Laurene, Rickher & Sorrell,Christine notes that overall, the newWith a sharp focus on sustainingA Division of Britt, Peters & Associatesterminal design is sized appropriately forcapacity levels throughout construction,Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing Engineering: CLTs tremendous increase in passengers,CLT leaders determined the bestNV5; AME Consulting Engineersand it reflects the region and the needsdelivery method for the project would beSpecial Systems Design & Engineering:of todays passengers and tenants.Arora Engineers Inc.construction manager at risk (CMAR). TheBaggage Handling System Engineering:Customer-oriented details include modernjoint venture of Holder-Edison Foard- BNP Associates AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'