b'46 MYR AIRFIELDProject Manager High groundwater and unstable soil required an extensiveDoug Sander, of Delta underdrain system, backfill and geogrid fabric.Airport Consultants Inc., says one of the biggest challenges was grappling with the soil conditions. They were very low quality andDOUG SANDERrequired us to do quite a bit of undercut and backfill, he relates. They were soft, not good for compaction and could not support the weight above them.Engineers specified geogrid fabric under the new soil to increase stabilization. Fortunately, the soil issues were not a surprise. Preconstruction subsurface borings revealed the issues, and the project team budgeted additional time and expense to address them.Nighttime RoutineConstruction required a tight schedule and night work on a regular basis. Overall, the airports sole runway was closed from midnight to 6 a.m. for nearly a year (320 days).Every taxiway connector tied to the runway required nightly runway shutdowns, says Dunne. During that time, the contractor needed to coordinate with our Ops folks and the airline folks to close the runway to get out and excavate and pave and then safe-up the runway environment before the next landing or takeoff took place.The steady stream of night closures presented challenges for Summers Concrete Contracting. It took a team effort from our crew, from Delta Airport Consultants and the airport to make sure everything was good to open the runway up again each morning, recalls Brad Mullis, a company vice president and project manager for the MYR taxiway PROTECTING YOUR RUNWAYreconstruction. BRAD MULLISIS OUR BUSINESS. Planning was the biggest thing, says Runway pavement degrades over time due to everyday usage andMullis. Our first morning didnt run over, so weather exposure. Crafco offers a variety of industry-leading repairthat told us we had a good plan in place. solutions that are engineered to withstand the constant impact from largeIt was multiple-step construction, where aircraft and the changing climate to deliver long-term performance. moving material every night and putting it To learn more, visit Crafco.com back every morning was the name of the game. The challenge was always ensuring REPAIR SOLUTIONS TO HELP YOU TAKE OFF everything was back in place by 6 a.m. so the airfield was safe for planes to land.January | Febuary 2023AirportImprovement.com'