b'26 IADPASSENGER TRANSPORT Maintenance and Operation three of the buildings at the rail yard received LEED Silver After the Silver Line extension achieved its operational readinesscertification in 2020.date in June 2022, WMATA assumed control from MWAA. The new infrastructure represents just a fraction of Metrorails 97 stations andAll Aboard 128 miles of trackall of which will be easier to maintain with theRelationships were the engine driving this massive infrastructure completion of the new Dulles Rail Yard and Maintenance Facility. project.The project not only comes with theIve spent the majority of my adult life in construction, Hascall six stations and 11 half miles of track,says, and construction projects are built on relationships. Strong but it also comes with a rail yard, that isrelationships with our partner contractors, with WMATA and with as functional, if not more functional, thanthe local municipalities are what get projects across the finish any other yard WMATA has in their system,line. While I may have been in charge of building it and getting it providing WMATA with another great capabilityfinished, there are a lot of people who contributed along the way.to maintain their system and their cars, saysHe adds that sometimes in the final mile of a project this long, Andrew Hascall, vice president of the DullesANDREW HASCALL all the vision and planning that went into getting it right get lost. Corridor Metrorail project for MWAA. For example, he cites the importance of the foresight planners The facility is the Metrorails largest rail yard, employing 450showed by including a right of way for rail access when building people and housing 176 cars as well as service equipment. Itthe highway from Washington, D.C., to IAD. I think a ton of credit includes supporting infrastructure for the maintenance, inspection,goes to those people who planned it and got it to the start line, servicing and storage of railcars, including about 9.5 miles of tracksays Hascall. and 47 switches to control train movement within the yard. TheFrom contractors to community members to Congress yard can store 22 eight-car trains and has 36 car hoists, whichmembers, everyone involved in the project had tunnel vision allow workers to service nine pairs of cars simultaneously.toward success, he adds. Thanks to energy-efficient lighting, non-toxic building materials, I think that comes from having a good vision of the goal: to best practices in ventilation and stormwater control measures,deliver a safe and efficient rail operating system to the Northern EXPERIENCED | TIME-TESTEDFULLY INTEGRATED HANGAR & DOOR SYSTEMSHANGAR ENERGY OPTIMIZATIONS, DELIVERED.&DOOR Veregy is an industry leader in EXPERTS 1957 2023 energy efciency, sustainability, and renewable solutions, serving airports across the START TO FINISH EXPERTISE nation.Single-source for Design, Manufacturing, & On-Site Services www.veregy.com800.460.0995 800.274.0144|FULFAB.COMJanuary | February 2023AirportImprovement.com'