b'TERMINALSYVR 15reduce the impact of construction materials on the environment.The team was able to expedite construction to meet increasing Close management of waste bin sorting on the large site helpedpassenger projections without compromising the extraordinary to divert a significant amount of material from ending up in theYVR passenger experience that provides travelers with a lasting landfill, says Fernandes. impression of the provinces beauty, Nogger adds.Challenging electrical work at Pier D required strategic planning Project Challenges and Opportunities to expand the electrical distribution and emergency power system The Airport Authority had to balance the feature aesthetics andfrom the existing facilities to the new main electrical room at thematic story of the expansion project with everyday functional/ the roof level.The WSP team routed the electrical services and operational requirements and an active construction site. Each ofphased the electrical tie-in with the existing electrical distribution the major objectives and components needed to work in harmonyand emergency power systems.and not in conflict, Rufenacht notes. For instance, design and construction of the atrium required early and careful planning to sequence construction needs with the seasonal and horticultural needs associated with planting large live trees in an active construction zone near active gates, and then maintaining themCreating a premier while construction continued.passenger experience Like many other construction projects in recent years, the Pier D expansion facedthrough parking challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. Construction was suspended in March 2020 design.right at the height of contractor activity. ThisSan Diego International Airport immediately led to ramping down construction in a manner that was safe for workers andTerminal 2 Parking Plazathe existing and newly constructed spaces, Rufemacht explains, adding that COVID-related protocols were continuously adjusted. Pausing and then resuming construction in a challenging labor market caused some loss of historic knowledge on the project team and required time to onboard new members. While the demobilizing and remobilizing of construction was a challenge, it was also galvanized the entire team with contractors, consultants and YVR all pulling together to complete the project, Rufenacht recalls. One silver lining of the pandemic for the Pier D project was a drop in passenger traffic, which allowed YVR to keep the expansion area completely closed. This also impacted operational readiness activities, much of which occurred more than a year later.Other challenges included maintaining sight lines from the control tower during design and working near an active jet fuel distribution line. Foundations for the new building were designed very close to the fuel distribution system for the airport, so ground improvement and excavation work needed to be very carefully completed to avoid any settlement, Fernandes says. Any settlement of the fuel line could have resulted in severe consequences and a significant impact to YVR operations.AirportImprovement.comJanuary | February 2023'